Weekly Tech Survey [05.09.17]

How much RAM did your first computer have?

  • Less than 256MB
  • 256MB - 499MB
  • 500MB - 999MB
  • 1GB - 1.9GB
  • 2GB - 3.9GB
  • 4GB - 5.9GB
  • 6GB - 7.9GB
  • 8GB - 11.9GB
  • 12GB - 15.9GB
  • 16GB
  • More than 16GB

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Share your fond (or not so fond) memories below!

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Do some know how much had Sinclair ZX Spectrum?

Did find it - 16 kB.


Atari 800XE - 64kb, Amstrad 8086 XT with 640kB and then first own build P2 with 64MB

I remember my old computer with AMD K6 2 up to 400Mhz with 64Mo Ram… This “thing” needed almost 2 hours to convert an audio CD in mp3 files at 160kbps…:scream:

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64 MB RAM? My first HDD was 5 MB one.


5MB :dizzy_face:
It seems I am not old enough :older_man:(but not so young either :nerd_face:) my first one was 1GB…
And today my own NAS is 24TB in RAID5…

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My first PC was without HDD with 2 5.25 FDDs.

My first PC was a Sharp PC-GP10-CH that I “inherited” from my dad (it was a hand-me down)
It has a 1200MHz Mobile Athlon 4 with 512MB of RAM and runs Windows XP on a 30GB hard drive. It still runs, yes, I still have it. It’s sitting right here and booted straight up. After over 15 years.

The first thing I did when I got it was remove Norton Antivirus, because holy crap, that software put so much useless garbage on, it bogged the CPU down so much… it was awful. But I pulled it off, and one day that machine was the first one that I did digital drawings on with a wacom tablet!

The second machine I had was a Sharp Muramasa laptop with a Transmeta Efficeon processor. Any Transmeta fans out there, shout out to you guys :smiley: That thing was a peppy little machine for what it was.

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I think your survey starting point is a little high… started with an Apple II with 48k


Ah the days of windows 95 and 256MB of ram - t’was sweet back then.

I remember using my parents 33.6K modem to play games on BBS’s.

Legend of the Red Dragon!!!

When your first PC had 4GB… you know you really are young


My first computer in around 1980, was a Commodore CBM 2001 with 8050 dual floppy drive unit (this gave me about 2MB of total memory. I think).

It had 4 kB RAM 16 kB ROM with two 5 1/4 Floppy Drives, with a green monochrome monitor and tractor drive dot matrix printer, running Microsoft BASIC.

Connecting to the internet and having a modem was only for military or science labs at the university.

I thought it was Christmas when I later got a computer that would run Windows 3.1.

Most of the members here weren’t even born at that time.


Meeee #1997 20202020

Less than 256MB??? REALLY MEGAbytes?, try KILObytes! How about 4K of ferrite “core” memory!


My first was 30 MB on that XT, did not manage to get it full ever :slight_smile: But i managed to disassemble it once it started to show sector errors, i was even running it open to see what happens = funny thing, the folders on the drive were visible in NC in an infinite loop :stuck_out_tongue: The plates from that drive may still lie around in some drawer in my fathers workshop…

32k. On a BBC Model B. Don’t know how much was in the first computer I used though - a DEC PDP 11 in 1975

32kb on an acorn electron, reportedly a best selling computer in its time (really wish i had a spectrum or commodore like my mates though!)

What’s more interesting I think is that there was no such thing as a hard drive! Sod all this talk of 1tb ssds, I had to record stuff onto a cassette tape (Google it kids) and loading it up again was a pretty hit or miss affair.


My first is the one I have now. Hp envy 15t. 32 gb flash, 1 tb hdd, i7 4700, 8 gb ram, Nvidia 740m.
I’m young…

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All of 16kB in the Philips P2000T…