Weekly (not so) Tech(y) Survey [22.12.17]

It’s almost Christmas, when most of the world takes a break from the normal routine. In that spirit, this poll has nothing to do with tech what-so-ever.

Will there be snow for Christmas where you live?

  • Oh yeah, lots of it
  • Just a little
  • There’s a chance
  • No chance of snow
  • What’s snow? Christmas here is ‘green and bright’

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Thanks for a fun year Eve and Community

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You forgot to add “other”. Christmas in australia is hot as hell… swetty and NOT green. Cause most of the time i just end up going to the beach.


Doesn’t that fall under “No chance of snow” …?


No chance of snow here in Dallas, but about a week ago they thought there might have been.
Now they’re predicting sleet for New Years’ Day.

One saying I got taught early on when I moved to Texas:
If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.

That should give you an idea of how fast the weather forecasts can change here at certain times of the year.

Last week we had snow and ice everywhere. But this week all is gone and it’s been looking and feeling as if it is autumn.

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We had snow yesterday here in Missouri, not certain if it will survive.

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12 inches yesterday morning. 2-3 more feet by the end of the week!

Just started snowing here. Don’t know if it will stick around for Christmas tomorrow.