Web Summit 2016!

Hey guys! Is anyone following or even going today to Web Summit 2016? This is the last day. Very excited to be here!


I have not followed, but I know there is a big Finnish presence there. Beyond dough.community’s representative @Artur :wink:

So what are the major news?

There wasn’t anything major announcement :wink: What I can tell you is that it was a very interesting experience :slight_smile: It all went so fast!

Hope I can be there next year too!

I’m from Lisbon but sadly got stuck on projects and didn’t manage to go :frowning:

Heard great things about it thou!

If you missed the event or want to check back anything there are two ways to do it:

Web Summit notes (they took some notes on the most important or interesting conferences): Evernote shared notebook:

You can also view the videos of (once again) the most important or interesting conferences on Web Summit’s facebook page.

The two I feel were the most interesting yesterday were this one (see from 2:20:00 till Joseph Gordon Lewitt finishes speaking) and this one, which was absolutely awesome - the way Gary was able to get people’s attention was nothing short of remarkable. What a great speaker he was!

So @TheGunnyPT, you will still be able to see part of what happened there :wink:

After looking around the web, I still can’t figure out - what was the conference about? I don’t think there’s anything significant new to the internet to talk about…