Weak pen magnets

Hi guys,

Some reviewers point weak magnets on the pen.
I know it is small feature but I find it very useful on surface 4 pro, especially when I change desks in our co-work or when I’m at home.
Is the issue will be resolved in next batch?

Hiya @Glib_Skrypka!

The weak-ish pen-magnets are not an issue but there by design - we did not intend the Pen to be stored on the side of the V all the time but rather have it there as convenient quick storage when you’re using it.

What’s however possible (and what I do when I move my V with everything) is just clip the Pen to the bottom part of the keyboard right after the pin-part.
It’s not intended to be used that way - we recommend just moving it separately and when you’re traveling storing it is easy with a Pen-loop on our Sleeves.


Just to add to iKirin’s answer, for travel, the best thing will probably be to get a sleeve for the V, like the ones that Mozo developed with us, which also have a pen loop in the sleeve!


Why? I think many (potential) customers would glady welcome this feature :disappointed:

And the time with the prototypes have showned that many community members want that, too.
That’s the reason why EVE had “improved” the magnets after the first prototype testing phase, right?
I hoped that the magnets were now stong enough to compete with the Surface Pro (4) but unfortunally not and even though the magnets were improved, they are still really weak.

So back to the question, why? :sweat_smile:


Let me jump in here!

We wanted to do magnets stronger but that’s the best we could get. Our magnets are pretty much the same as in surface strength - wise the issue is that pen is not flat on the side that’s used for attaching it. We wanted to make a flat pen side but unfortunately our volume was too low for pen supplier to customize pen shape. It is true that using sleeve, or keyboard is better for storing the pen when on travel.

We hope that our sales are going good so then we will be able to upgrade our pen! :slight_smile:


Are the penholder magnets of the V compatable with the Surface Pen?
If yes, would the pen holding experience be the same like with a SP(4)?


If it has the same magnets (or the same strength) and the issue is more on the pen side, I suppose it should be. If you feel this is an issue, you could just get a surface pen to go with your V, as they are compatible.


Good question. I am not sure if the magnet polarity is same. Does anyone have a surface pen? :slight_smile:


Sure, Surface pen is there - but my V is currently between warehouses… :grin:

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I checked today with an Acer Pen from a buddy and that worked so I guess it should work with the Surface Pen? :slight_smile:


That’s why I like this company so much. Just imagine the same situation with any one of the big companies: someone complains about a function that is not optimal and the CEO comes around and says, yeah, it’s not optimal, and then explains in detail all internals and why it is like that and why they couldn’t do it better.

Other companies wouldn’t even admit that there was a problem. Just wanted to point that out, because there was a lot of critics about communication in the last time.


Totally agree :slight_smile: I can’t imagine Samsung or Apple CEO talk to me:)

I think it is a good point. I usually store pen aside from surface in a pocket and magnets use only when traveling through the office. Thanks:)

I only place my stylus on the magnet on my SP4 when I am sitting in front of it, otherwise I place it in my pocket or pen loop. I have found that the magnet on my SP4 isn’t strong enough to trust when carrying it through the building. I’ll pick up a pen loop for my V. :slight_smile:

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Is it true that the magnets are only on the right side of the V?

Yes…honestly, I think it would be good to have magnets on top as well:(

Same penholding experience like SP(4)?

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Not entirely. (Keep in mind that my V is a prototype and doesn’t feature the latest magnets)(This is about the SP4 pen)

On the SP4, the pen sits more or less on the middle of the left side. It will stick regardless of what direction you hang it by. The pen sticks quite well, and violent shaking won’t get it off (at least not anything I can manage while sitting down.)
(Though I would also mention that I stopped storing the SP4 pen on my SP4 like this after it destroyed the paint below and around.)

On the V, the pen sits more towards the bottom of the right side. It sticks regardless of the direction, but if it’s pointed downwards, it sticks out beyond the bottom of the V, like this:

It also doesn’t stick as well, and I am able to throw it off with a violent shake in the right direction. But this may very well come down to not having the latest magnets in my prototype.


This is not official, but I guess that the magnets would interfere with the magnets of the speakers and in the middle is all the camera stuff. So, I’m not quite sure, if it would’ve been possible.