We stay relevant, in good and not so good times!

Hello everyone! Did you spot news about Eve recent happenings / delays? Share them here!

Personally, I don’t think the coverage of the current impasse situation is all for the bad:

  1. Eve still tremendously need coverage in order to succeed and have a “minimum mind space” (remember, even when the screen issue is solved, life will still be hard because they really started something big starting from the bottom… Luckily we have Community and a dedicated Team!)
  2. They will need to publish at least one more article to update the situation, when Team solves current problems and makes the V happen for real! :sunglasses: And that will show that Eve is able to deal these kind of tough situation…

From Mspoweruser.com






I’m impressed. That’s a surprisingly quick and accurate report. A reporter who is staying plugged in on the forum. Kudos.

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Good and not so good press is still free advert… I hope it’s all going for the better from hereon…

All publicity is good publicity.

And Now it seems that Eve is starting to get the best kind of press.

The journos know the market and they also understand that what’s been happening with the original screen was and is NOT the death knell. Only a minor hiccup.

In fact it is the opposite and now the naysayers can see for themselves that because of the “small” problem we will all end up getting arguably the best device in the marketplace.

In the end the original screen supplier has done us all a big favour.

Yes the the reporters are accurate, however it’s no surprise, as they’re probably watching this forum every day and reading it carefully.

Of course, those reporters could also stay up to date on the most relevant information, without having to scour the forums as a whole, by reading Community Digest.

Community Digest. It’s delicious!


Well, well well, I love to learn something new each day.

I did not even know this “Digest” existed.
And hadn’t read it before.
I just had a quick read and I think the general forum subjects give a bit more detailed information.

Thanks for the heads up about this Community Digest