Watching TV+ and NETFLIX in HDR on AppleTV 4K is black and white

Watching TV+ and NETFLIX in HDR on AppleTV 4K is black and white.

As the title says, when I watch a video on AppleTV with HDR enabled, the screen turns black and white.

There is no problem with the 4KSDR setting.

Is there a solution?

The problem occurred with both firmware versions 102 and 104, and changing the HDMI cable did not solve the problem.


same issue. the firmware fixed my xbox one x black and white issue. now my panasonic DP-UB820-k goes black and white as well once i change hdr optimizer to on it went black and white. i backed out and returned to home screen which reset everything back to color with hdr optimizer still on. yeah the monitor still has a black and white HDR bug when watching or streaming movies in 4k hdr. Hope Eve can find the root cause of this soon. Firmware 105 fixed black and white issues.

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They’ve indicated they know the root cause and are working on fixes.


Thanks for your message before.

I’ve confirmed that Ver 105 has fixed this issue.

Thank you!

Ver105 fixed the problem for me!

firmware 105 also helped fix my black and white issues with the panasonic 4k player!

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