Watched thread button?

Maybe I’m just a morron (yes we are adept of self deprecation in my country), but do we have a shortcut for the watched thread in the homepage ? I can’t find it on the mobile/discourse version, is it on the desktop ?
Sorry to ask if I didn’t see it.

If I understand this correctly, you would like to be able to only see the topics you’re watching?
If so Dough Community will do the trick. You can also replace “watching” in the url with “muted” or “tracking”. Another way to find it is to go to Dough Community and clicking the “Show watched/tracking/muted topics” links.

Mmmmh ok thank you, not what I hoped but at least it would do the trick. Thanks for that .

If you could give me more details exactly what you’re looking for I might be able to find something that aligns better.

imageSo when you land on the community, you have on your left the menu with « latest » selected by default. Could it be possible to add a « watched » item in this menu?

Not with the click of a button. We can add read, posted in and bookmarks as options, but if we want anything beyond that it’ll have to be a plugin or theme component. I’ll check if it’s been brought up on the Meta and if not do so or try to make it myself.

Thank you for trying anyway :slight_smile: did not think about how the actual menu was made even if I dev myself. I will think about that a bit later and maybe try to give you a solution

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I have implemented a link in the top menu. For now it’s only available on the Experimental and Experimental Christmas themes in order for me to make sure there are no issues. I’ll probably add it to the other themes in a week or so if there are no issues.

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Great man!!! Really appreciate our effort! I did not had the time to look into it. It works as I wanted :slight_smile:

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