Waking up from sleep, applications are closed


When I wake up from sleep, many times all of my applications are closed and the wifi is disconnected. For example, even background applications like dropbox sync and calman client are closed.

I have hibernate disabled in power settings. Is there anything else I can do?

Did windows restart for an upgrade etc? Sometimes it starts shutting down applications but gets stopped by something and leaves the PC in an odd state.

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It happens every day, not related to updates

Do you know the current state of Connected Standby setting? (LP0 state in the BIOS)
If that’s off, it could possibly interfere with apps that run all the time over WiFi like Dropbox.
Though, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a mash-up of settings that don’t work well together, like enabling LP0 while setting WiFi card to (not) “Allow this device to wake the computer” and/or (not) “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.
Do you have some other programs besides Dropbox installed that keep an icon in the system tray? If so, could you list them? I could easily see Dropbox using the WiFi while Windows is trying to Sleep, sending the WiFi card in to a funky state.

Thank you for the help. LP SO is enabled.

My other system tray apps are:



Phrase Express

Calman Client

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Changing “System Performance Selection” to “Max Performance” has allowed tray apps like Dropbox to continue running.