Waking from sleep/turning on assistance

I have not posted in here in a very very very long time. Bonjour!

Basically I’ve had my V 26 months now. I can intermittently turn it on. Most of the time it doesn’t react at all (and I mean AT ALL), I plug it in and plug it out. Hold the button for 4 seconds. Hold the button for 10 seconds. I have no idea if it’s doing anything because it’s so silent :joy:. And occasionally the screen will light up and it will boot into windows.

I have reinstalled windows to try and fix it because originally it would turn on but it couldn’t boot into windows at all. It would just get stuck at the opening screen.

Might anyone have suggestions for me that wouldn’t result in buying a new laptop? Its been like this for about 7 weeks and it’s seriously affecting my ability to apply for jobs.

(Yes I reached out to support twice and I haven’t heard anything back, so I’m hoping some tech enthusiasts might be able to help!)

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Hey Colin, nice to hear from you. I’m sorry that your bloody trouble with the V won’t end. It seems that you have a broken power button… Couldn’t you set your energy saver settings to “never turn it off”? Maybe you should use some time to discover how to press the button… More left more right more up… to turn the V on… If the V is “Always on” or just in sleep, it should even start with opening the keyboard or moving a connected mouse…


Believe it or not (I should have seen in my original post) I actually stopped it from going to sleep the last time I got it to turn on. And the only pattern I can find with turning it “on” is sometimes inserting the power cable makes the screen light up. I’ve wiggled that button every way I can :joy:. I “suspect” the screen has forgotten how to illuminate when anything is interacted with (mouse, keyboard, button, etc).

I can change the colours of the keyboard backlight and everything, just no screen :frowning: . Though setting it to never sleep/screen never turn off isn’t an ideal solution either as it becomes a desktop (leave it in one place), rather than a work computer I can bring with me.

Perhaps an issue with hibernation settings?

This happens to me randomly, the problem is that the screen doesn’t light up but V is ON. Try to use an USB with a light to understand when this happens, then it’s a matter of patience. Sometimes instead of 3 seconds it need 1 minute to light on, sometimes it boots up normally. It’s a no sense but after a clean reinstallation of windows provided by eve the problem is less frequent even if not eliminated for me.

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So I created a usb installation off of another windows 10 computer, when you say clean installation provided by Eve; what do you mean? Did they provide a copy of Windows 10 that is more ideal?

And thanks for those tips. That’s what it feels like to be honest. I sense that it’s on, the screen is just not illuminating. Thank you for validating that :slight_smile: