V's Windows 10 app restrictions same as Surface's?

Will Eve V Windows 10 have the same restrictions as Microsoft Surface?

I have a Surface and I can’t use several desktop apps (such as Whatsapp and Spotify) because they are not avaiable at Microsoft App Store.

Will there be the same restrictions, or will it be freer like Google’s tablet?

No, because Surface 1&2 don’t run Windows. They run Windows RT, so they can’t run any desktop apps except the default ones. Eve V runs full, real Windows just like any desktop computer :slight_smile:


I have no idea what you’ve done to not be able to run desktop apps on your Surface. I am on my SP4 pro now, listening to Spotify. But Whatsapp don’t have any desktop programs, only a browser mode.

The V will run any software Windows supports, within reason with regards to the hardware. As in, you shouldn’t try to play the latest and greatest games, at least not without an eGPU.

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Whatsapp does have a desktop client now :wink: just that you need, as the web version, to have your phone near you (messages have to pass through your phone to the server).


That desktop client is just the same as the web version. Actually it’s just a standalone Chrome applet. And it requires you to have a phone. I mean, another phone.

I presume you’re talking about the original Surface? Since it was running on the NVIDIA Tegra SoC (an ARM architecture) it couldn’t run standard Windows32 Applications, however ever since the Surface Pro 3 and above it runs on an x86 processor meaning that it could run any Windows32 Applications (though not all of them will run well mind you.)

The Eve V uses an x86 processor so it’ll use the full version of Windows 10 (Home/Pro) so if you have any applications you want to install it’ll work.

Also WhatsApp doesn’t have a desktop application, the closest is their website but you need to sync your phone to their website in order to use it.

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Not since Surface Pro 3. Since Surface Pro.