V's microphone seems to be quite good

I have tested all the microphones that I can get a hold of by recording a standard phrase into them.
I have recorded 2 boom mics (gaming microphones on headphones), Bluetooth earphones, conference mic, lapel mic, inline mic and Bluetooth headphones mic.

The V’s mic seems to be better than the nice Sony lapel mic or the very good conference mic, Jabra Speak 510 (mainly good for its speaker, build quality and reliability).
It only falls short of the boom mics in my opinion.

I can’t upload audio files here, so I will just post my OneNote page where I record all the results.
The V is at the bottom (as per chronological order of recording).

OneNote microphone comparison page

If anyone has any better suggestions for sharing then please let me know. I use OneNote for everything now (used to be Evernote) so it is very convenient for me.


nice review and comparison there… this is beyond expectation :slight_smile:

It was a pre-existing comparison set, so I didn’t do it for the V :wink:

I should mention that I used my V with the speakers recently in voice calls / teamspeak with some buddies and (after activating the acoustic echo cancelation) they did say that it did just sound like my Antlion Modmic 5 which is a (in my mind) pretty comfy mic :slight_smile: