VR Testing with the V

Just wondering if anyone has been able to test if/how well the V can handle VR with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift?

Without an external GPU, it won’t be able to run any VR device. Same goes to any ultra portable laptops/tablet.

Edit: actually I don’t think any device with a mobile grade CPU can run VR.


Fair enough. In that case, can someone (maybe @Konstantinos who had one at some point) run a test like that?

I have an HTC Vive. (But not an eGPU)

I could try if I have a USB-C to HDMI adapter, which I ordered from Eve and therefore I don’t have yet.
So I don’t think I can try it on the prototype. (Unless I buy another USB-C to HDMI adapter)

It probably would not work because the Vive is pretty picky on HDMI interfaces and stuff (my old GTX560Ti was not recognized by the Vive).

I would definitely try it when I receive all the stuff :joy:

For science, of course :wink: .

Who knows, maybe it runs the least demanding VR game?

How did you order a USB-C to HDMI adapter from Eve. Did I miss something?

It was an option on Backer Kit, are you an early bird?

Yeah I just missed the Hyper Early Bird boat due to credit card issues but got on the second round, but I must have not noticed it. Is there still a way to order one I wonder?

You would have to ask the team @iKirin @nawthor @Konstantinos @Mike :smile:

I don’t know where I read it, but I remember that Intel’s graphic chip in the V didn’t meet the minimum requirements for VR.

If you’re talking about Oculus Rift and SteamVR/Vive, it’s far from meeting the minimum requirement.

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@iKirin @nawthor @Konstantinos @Mike can anyone answer this? Is there a way I can get ahold of an EVE USB-C to HDMI adapter or would I be better off just getting one from Amazon, etc. when I get my V?

I was more talking about the AR-glass that came/come out now, but it doesn’t meet the requirements anyways. So, doesn’t really matter. The quintessence is that it won’t work without an extra GPU :smiley: