Virusscanner - opinions? Not V specific

I am a long time Norton/Symantec user (concerning virus scanner) and I have nothing really to complain. Since the V will be my first PC with Windows 10 (only XP, 7 and 8.1 up to now), I have no experience with virusscanner and win 10.
I heard a lot of people say that there is no need for additional scanner in win 10 - just use Microsoft Defender…
I wonder about this.

What is your opinion about this?
What do you guys use as virusscanner? What are your experiences?

Thanks for the Input.


I use Norton on my w10 professional sp3.
Works ok (set it and forget it).
There are good special sales around, mine one year subscription was around 20 usd.

It gives a stronger protection than defender alone.

I’ve been using antivir for years. Even under win 10, but for some time now I have not added any additional virus protection. There are countless articles like this one here Why antivirus programs have become the problem, not the solution | TechRepublic antivirus programs are in my opinion snake oil Snake oil - Wikipedia . With a bit of common sense and careful surfing the internet, downloads…, you probably won’t get hurt. Ublock origin (advertising blocker) + no script are a meaningful addition to your personal alertness, good luck!

But in the end everybody has to decide for himself, with me it didn’t have any disadvantage, my pc is faster and it doesn’t annoy any more advertising! Kindly regards

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Microsoft Defender + Windows included Firewall should be so-so for start.

If you want something more sophisticated - BitDefender maybe with combination with CCleaner.

I tend to avoid any Norton products like the plague after their horrendous Internet Security packages from like a decade ago.

But what I currently have is Windows Defender + Malwarebytes, and that’s it. It does its job, never had issues. Of course, safe browsing is essential as well.