Video Editing, New User Questions

Hello !!

My name is Katy and I found out about Eve V about 3 hours ago. I recently lost my Surface Pro 4 and was thinking of buying the new Surface Pro today until I saw a video about the Eve V. I loved the idea of a computer created by the people for the people.

The questions I have are about video editing. I create videos for YouTube and other platforms. My main programs are After Effects, Photoshop and Premier. I wanted to know if the Eve V would allow me to edit videos smoothly without bothering lags.

I also wanted to know around what time is the next batch of computers going to come out? I am really interested in one but I cant wait a lot of time.

Thank you so much for your help :smiley:

If things go well you can expect the next batch of V’s around late august early september.
For the other things @Prototypetester are able to inform you.

I would say no to that. I use Davinci Resolve 12.5 for editing my youtube uploads, and for heavy editing (for example fast forward parts), even my laptop i7 4720HQ with GTX 950M isn’t sufficient for video editing, although when playing around with settings (such as limiting the video playback resolution). For simple editing my laptop is enough, but I have tried that on the surface pro 3 I have and man that was hell. Although I like the touchscreen for shuffling through the timeline and such, that advantage is far away when it lags stutters and sometimes not even respond. It has a i7 4650U dual core. Although the i7 7Y75 at max TDP setting is 14% better, the i7 4720HQ has more than double the multithreaded performance. So I think the i7 7Y75 won’t get you that far in video editing. If you would dare to lose your warranty to put the TDP above 7W, it could possibly work decent for average video editing, but at the 7W TDP I can’t imagine it working out good enough for average video editing. Probably worth mentioning that I am talking about FHD videos, both in 30p and 60i. It could work fro 720p, but I have no experience in editing that.

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did you do all those things on you SP4? Which model did you have? Depending on the model, you might be surprised at how well the fanless V compares to the SP4

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You’ve already owned a Surface Pro 4, so you should know better than anyone else. Connecting to an eGPU accessory would make it run faster in some cases, but these applications are quite CPU-heavy, which can’t really be improved.

I also would say: You could do everything you did on your Surface Pro 4, if you take a similar processor (m3 / i5 / i7). Maybe some things work even better, as far as I know the V has a faster SSD and RAM :wink: FullHD video editing (cutting) should be possible, a lot of effects, particles, greenscreen etc. - nope, I wouldn’t do this without a qualified graphics card.