Video Drivers from Intel

In looking on the intel site for video drivers for the i7-7Y75 I found this release in late Feb.

Anyone know any reason this shouldn’t be used?

Here you have some official info:

And a similar situation an user had not so long ago:


Short answer: no, go ahead and do so if you want.

Longish answer: generally you want to wait for the maker (in this case, eve) to release drivers because they like to do voodoo shit behind the scenes, and the stock Intel drivers may bork stuff.

In the case of the Finnish V though, my research indicates that vikings don’t do voodoo - or magic of any kind really, they haven’t progressed past liberal application of axe to face for all their problems - so Intel drivers should be A-OK. :ok_hand:

Edit: lol someone really should mark this as solved, @LaCabra428’s answer above is as correct and concise an answer as any question on this forum could hope to get.


You can also use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to update all Intel drivers at once.

But I only get the .4901 version and not the new version with this tool. Any idea why?

Do I remember right, that you’re using the latest drivers with awesome impact on battery life?

@HerrJeh I use the latest drivers, but I have no idea what my battery life is so I would say no^^

@kaum I suspect that is in Beta or something like that to prevent rolling out a faulty update to all machines at once. But on my V it did that too.

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Thanks for all the input. Eve seems to be slow in getting updated drivers to their download area so will keep checking Intel and doing the update drivers routine in Device Manager.
Thanks again.

Hey @Sawadee_ehweather, thought you might like to know you don’t have to keep doing the driver dance - the average user doesn’t even know what a driver is (I actually don’t either to be honest) and for years we lived without updating our drivers.

The primary reason I know about this stuff is because I was a broke ass student trying to make my shitty old computer work with hardware that made it go “OMG WHAT IS THIS ALIEN TECHNOLOGY” so I could play counterstrike at 1.6 (not version 1.6, I mean 1.6 fps.)

I wouldn’t be too concerned about them as long as everything is working as it should.

Today, I got the new Intel driver (.4973) over Windows Update and not over the Intel tool!

It’s not a dance it’s a search for the latest driver to improve performance. This is most important and relevant when one has a new device. As the device ages drivers change less.
I don’t care what others know or don’t know about drives unless I can help them.