V2 Case Options?

I thought maybe a Surface Pro 8 would work but the dimension prove otherwise:

SP8: (287mm x 208mm x 9.3mm)
Eve: 312mm x 209mm x 9.0mm without keyboard
312mm x 213mm x 15.0mm with keyboard

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best solution for a protective case for the V2?

I would look on Amazon for a universal protective case for android devices and find the one case that is within the Eve V2 dimensions.

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This has already been discussed here: https://dough.community/t/eve-v-accessories/33630

I think the V 2022 will have a higher chance of fitting in a case made for a similarly sized Surface Pro because it has flat sides just like the Surface Pro. I still wish Eve could make cases for the V or partner with someone to make them, but I don’t know how likely that will be.