'V' vs the competition on discount!

The ‘V’ will be available from 21st of November. Black friday starts on 25th and even now Amazon is making discounts on the ‘V’s’ main competitor which is the surface pro 4
Do you think the price of the ‘V’ will be competitive even on a discounted surface pro 4?
The surface pro 4 is Mircrosoft and the ‘V’ is a product we haven’t seen yet, let alone eve as a company.

Eve has already produced and sold another computer, the Eve T1. So it’s not completely new.
And even with this discount, Surface Pro 4 with i7, 16GB RAM and 512GB storage costs $1800. Eve has said that theirs will be explicitly cheaper than that. We don’t know how much, but it’s cheaper and that includes the keyboard. And it has better features.

the 500 pieces will be sold no matter what.i know that.After that there is no discussion, i know that also because the ‘v’ will be available after march.until then we will know more info on the new surface pro 5.
sure it will be cheaper than the sp4 i7,16gb ram, but what about the normal m3 model which you can find for 800 now?

Umm yeah, that model also includes 4GB of RAM, and the price still doesn’t include the keyboard. Eve V M3 model has a newer processor, double the amount of RAM, Thunderbolt 3, amazing battery life and everything else that comes with Eve V. All that under $900.

we all know under 900…i hope it will be WELL BELOW 900 , not like 799
i agree with you.specs are better on the v.

Yeah I too hope it’s well below that. And Peter has let us assume that a couple of times… he just can’t reveal the exact price yet :slight_smile: These processors seem to be more expensive than regular i3/i5/i7, but I still hope to see something around $650 for the base model.

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if its is around 600 it is also a go for me. if it is more then i will be hesitant to buy it.The other one …well its microsoft.and then there is resale value of a well known brand vs unknown brand.
IF i can get my hands on one of the 500 pieces.if i have to wait until spring …who knows what will be relased until then…


You know, if you get one of the 500, you will probably be able to sell it for as much or even more than what you paid :slight_smile:

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damn they have on amazon.de the surface pro 4 ,i5, 4gb, 128gb with black typecover + 1year office for 799€

4GB RAM… says everything i need to know :slight_smile:

yes i know but still not bad