V vs. SP4 according to the website

While I’m excited for Santa to bring me my V this year, I had to break down and buy an SP4 which I’m enjoying greatly so I know this 2-in-1 format really works. That said, just reviewing the website and seeing the specs side-by-side, I’m left wondering if the V is something that much better of an experience than an SP4. I’m sure it is. I’m excited about the TB3 and USBC; however, for those who compare specs, Eve might find a way to better show how the V is a game changer especially given its shipping delays if it’s going to capture more market share by the time it ships.

Before throwing rocks at me, please just consider this an observation of a V purchaser who just re-reviewed the website and who is generally happy with his temporary SP4 he bought to get him by.

Also, with the Sharp screens, does the website need to be updated to reflect the new reality? I believe the new screens are not as bright from what I’ve read.



+1 some updates should be done to the media materials