V vs Acer switch 7?

Hello, If I want a V I would have to wait until end November-December. At this time, the Switch 7 will be on sale too.

What is your honest tough: V or Switch 7?


In a quick round of searching I didn’t find a lot of info on the Switch 7. It looks like it has 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB-C, power port, 3.5mm audio and a MicroSD slot. Battery life is still unknown but Pocket-Lint.com says, “In its idle state behind closed doors at IFA 2017 - the largest European consumer tech show - it was showing 21% battery remaining with 51 minutes of life on the clock (that’s sub-4hrs without ever asking the system to do anything but show a Windows 10 desktop background).”
Acer Switch 7 Black Edition preview: Unrivalled power from this

A comment after a review on Windowscentral.com says, “However, more in-depth testing with a colorimeter revealed a few issues with the display that will put off some buyers. The 456.7nits max brightness is very bright, but the 0.56 black level gives it a distinctly average 795:1 contrast ratio. The 8,712k colour temperature is also well above the 6,500k ideal. The screen’s 81.3% coverage of the sRGB colour gamut is OK for regular use, but its 57.8% coverage of the Adobe RGB is disappointing.”
Hands-on: The Acer Switch 7 Black Edition takes a swipe at the Surface Pro | Windows Central

The 8th Gen CPU and liquid loop sounds pretty neat as well as the discrete graphics but if you need more graphics power that what it’s offering you might be better with a V and eGPU.

Personally, I’d wait for more reviews and information to become available before buying a Switch 7.


My personal 2 cents on the whole topic:

I think that the Switch 7 - while being an interesting concept - is pretty useless for a 2in1. And there’s a good reason for that - the addition of the GPU. The Switch Alpha 12 already was a pretty warm device even when in idle and I think the addition of the GPU that produces extra heat is not a good thing.
Because the Alpha 12 was when under load pretty damn warm (much warmer than my V prototype felt to me) and the addition of a GPU to that is not going to make it any cooler.

If I wanted something with a touchscreen and a GPU then maybe a convertible would be a better choice - but as said, that is just my opinion on the whole topic.


I don’t think you should ask on Eve forum if you want an unbiased opinion.

It’s also much too early, not much info for Switch 7. The battery issue (European Tech Show), you need to take into account the device might not have been tuned (not final retail version).

Best idea, just wait. If Acer Switch 7 did live up to the specs, would be a great device.


What a coincidence; I actually considered Swift 7 as my alternative as well, if it would have taken forever from V to get into market. Now it looks that we´ll be getting our Vs relatively fast. :grinning:

Ooops! I just realized that Swift, and Switch are different computers… :relaxed:

Looking at some of the power consumption for the components, it might be consuming 60W+ under load. That is a serious amount of heat to dissipate into the chassis passively, and some must end up in components. I suppose that the mitigating factor will that the battery will likely run out before it becomes a problem.

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