V user experience for an Astronaut

Dear Community member,

so I had my V (i7, 64GB RAM, 4TB) for two weeks to play around with and I must say it’s a truly remarkable and versatile product.

First things first: the shipping.
It got frustrating waiting slightly longer than expected for a simple 2-in-1. However, I cut the company some slack since shipping wasn’t that easy to organize, you know, getting it up to the ISS. International shipping can be a pain in the a55.


The V itself
An above average device that fits decently into my daily work routine. Lab research and result calculation? No problem. Recording audio while jamming on the flute? No Problem. Outside walk? No problem.



The stylus works fine in a 0-gravity work environment. Same for the kick-stand. Very stable. No complaints there. Same with the Bluetooth. Can keep up at 230,000mp/h in earth’s orbit.

I’m very satisfied with the V. I had to contact Huston when I encountered a problem with the BIOS setting when it showed funky accelerometer-readings but it works fine now.
8/10 would buy again.

Happy first of April


Very good @Difripps. Thanks for taking the time to provide some amusement. :slight_smile: Happy Easter to you.


Always a pleasure giving some useful feedback for the average day-to-day user :grin:

Hey where did you get the Blue keyboard skin?
Very cool, I want one too.

Was the extended width trackpad an option when you ordered it?
I like that too.

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The device in the pictures is a Surface, which has keyboards in different colors.

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Yes, I know.

I was just carrying on the joke and taking the piss.

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are you sure? When did you order it?

f… you got me! I just didn’t read the whole text… OMG

What is the use of kickstand in space?

f… you got me! I just didn’t read the whole text… OMG

I’m just sitting here, smiling stupidly at my screen :grimacing: