V Pen: what I learned

Hi there,

After a few months usage here is what I think users who plan on regular pen usage should know:

  1. Software matters
    Not only should your drivers be up to date, but the program you write in makes a huge difference.
    In short: forget about xodo. After I realised that basically all problems I had in Xodo never showed up in one note, I switched to Drawboard PDF (edit: single payment 10€) and now the writing experience is smooth and wonderful.

  2. Only not while charging. A plugged in charger will Fuck up palm rejection far beyond bearable, no matter the program. Even worse in Xodo.
    Edit: as long as your palm stays off the screen, writing in Drawboard still works fine while charging. Xodo: see above.

  3. Up to preference maybe: a softer pen tip is better. I switched to the SP4 (borrowed from farther in law) and much prefer the feeling.
    Guess I have to cough up the bucks for my own (SP5, because: black) pen soon.


Thanks for the insight. I am torn between xodo and drawboard right now, and this is very helpful information. And of may when I receive my eve, I will confirm your findings.

Hope you enjoy your V!
I’m working mostly in PDF lecture notes. Not only is the writing in Drawboard smoother, it gives you two more pen colors and makes it easier to add pages in the middle of the document.
I used to be able to do that inn Xodo too, but now I only can add pages in the documents end.
No idea of this was a change in Xodo or is dependent on the PDF formatting, however Drawboard doesn’t dick around on this front either.


Please let me know how the SP5 Pen works on the V! Also what are your thoughts on one note using the pen (If you’ve used it lol)?

One note works like a charm!
As does the SP4 pen, so SP5 should be the same (may be better, if the tilt update promised by Microsoft ever arrives. Wouldn’t hold my breath, thought).

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I’ve got the sp5 pen, because i had a surface before. I have to say, the tip is way better than the eve ones. Ive ordered some extra tips, but all of them aren’t very well fabricated and the plastic is scrating the screen… luckily I’ve got some protection on it… The writing with a plastic tip on glass feels so weird and I can’t enjoy writing with the pen. But I like the weight and the buttons a lot. The best experience I’ve got with the SP5 pen tip inserted in the V pen but it doesn’t fit so proberly and I don’t want to damage the tip… If Eve would release a rubber tip instead of this cheap plastic that can eventually damage ur screen, that would be awesome.


I got my V in early March and it’s already acting significantly slow…I’m guess it’s the battery? WIsh there’s a way to know how much bettery’s left on the pen and a way to configure the buttons, now it’s just going with default and its behaviour changed in Photoshop after the recent windows update-_-

we need the rubber tips, its been less than two months and I’m already done with one of the tips and I notice scratches on some usual spots. I think itd be very different experiences with the v pen depending on writing/painting, its alright when is only writing and doodling, definitely not digital painting😅

Are you using a screen protector?

Would you beable to go to a Microsoft store and test a SP5 pen lol :smiley: ! That’s great that one note works like a charm and at least the surface pro 4 pen works like a charm. Does the eraser on the SP4 pen work like it should on the Eve, With the eraser bit erasing? My order is still unfulfilled so looks like i’ll just be using my V during next semester of college lol