V Pen Test and Inking

Found this for everybody who is interested in the pen.
We already had a first look and drawing in another video.


I noticed she wore artist gloves in the video, is the palm rejection really that bad?

Might also be for convenience… I personally tend to wear them whenever I use any tablet (even if the tablet doesn’t support touch), because usually my hands get a little sweaty as I draw and I just dislike the feel of sweaty skin on the tablet surface.

Additionally I hate to leave smears on display tablets and since the V has a rather glossy screen still that might be another reason to wear gloves.

Honestly I don’t know about palm rejection, but these are some other possible reasons :wink: if you want to make sure, ask her in the comment section of the video.

Palm rejection: I have to say I get little dots on my paintings all the time with the SP4… just saying :slight_smile: Soooo , I will see if it is “worse” with the V…
If you are using oil paint on paper, are you putting your hand on the paper? Not likely, just paint as if you hold a brush! :star_struck: :paintbrush:

I know I know that does not fix the palm rejection when taking notes… :writing_hand: