V pen pairing and other things

After a while I’ve bought new battery and I would like to try out the V Pen. I want to ask you: how pair a V Pen with V? There are no instruction on community (I searched). I tried to push buttons for couple of seconds (both buttons and single) and Pen can’t be found when I try to find it on: “add new device”. Can you help me?

Second thing: I would like to create my own skin for V. Can you give me a V plan that I can print and cut off? Blueprint or smg :thinking::grin:

There’s nothing to pair. Just use it. The buttons’ functions are hardcoded, so there’s nothing to change.

After I changed battery buttons should start to work but they don’t.

hmmm, well i must say i havent used my pen in more than 6 months (no clue where it even is), but from what i remember only some applications worked with it, so maybe that’s the problem?

Yes, I recently replaced the battery in my pen, and the buttons continue to work (e.g. in one-note, one erases and the selects).

Can you draw with the pen, so it’s only the buttons that don’t work, or does the pen not work at all?

One point to note is that you should not remove the piece of paper that is inside that shows the battery orientation. I remember that someone removed that and damaged their pen.


Hello! I have a similar issue… haven’t tried using the pen for two years, now that I’d like to… I’m not sure if its battery is flat or if I’m doing something else wrong.

If it’s been two years, my guess is the battery is flat. It does run down over time even when it’s not being used.

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