V pen drawing tryout!

I just found it on YouTube and wanted to share :slight_smile:


Sorry I did not see a real review other than her first few comments on the pen and her drawing… what is more, she says she has not much experience in digital drawing (though she is an artist)… I look forward to my V and compare drawing in ArtRage to my SP4 ;)…
I thought I would see some real (not speed-) drawing and visibly (maybe she did but with that speed…) using different pressure levels and different tools (brushes and pencils etc…)…

I am sorry don’t want to be negative but I thought to say this for others’ information. :wink: .


You are right, but I actually don’t really dislike this kind of style. Sure, it’s not a review, but it gives an overall idea and feeling of how the V performs. For example I never really valued the “vobble” tests, since I honestly never do such slow lines and I think it’s the same for a lot of people.

I’ll be very happy to play around with the V in Photoshop, Clipstudio and any other program, once I get mine and since I have some experience with different Wacom tablets and Wacom alternatives I’ll try to share my thoughts as well (if no one else does it until then :wink: )

Overall I think the V will be perfectly fine for my usage, it’s no Mobile Studio and also not the new “HP-ment-for-artists_2in1” (don’t remember the name) but it’s a lot more portable and I do value it over the Surface Pro for the better port selection and Bluetooth Keyboard, which allows for comfortable shortcut use while drawing. That is, if the pen is on the same level as the SP4 (which I believe it to be).

What I would be interested in, is whether or not the V Supports hooking up a drawing Tablet (e.g a Wacom one). It has the ports, but I think on the surface there were issues with tablet drivers. If it was possible, this would make the V even more flexible for me, as I could use the V itself for comfortable sketching, doodling and maybe painting on the go. And at home I would connect my drawing tablet to it, to do more refined work on a bigger screen.

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Spot on guys! Title changed :smiley:


really enjoyed it :blush:

Don’t mean to nit pick, but…

She’s not really drawing in this video either. She’s coloring her scanned artwork. This video is a good demonstration of the Eve’s responsiveness (though it’s sped up so we can’t judge lag), but it doesn’t indicate ink stroke fidelity, which is where I try to focus attention.


more videos will come in a while…it’s a first test


I am using the pen (V pen & SP5 pen) all day as a mouse and on-screen kb typing.
When I type (or touch different characters on screen), I notice there are a lot of lag-time before V recognize the pen and a lot of breaks in the connection. So, I always end up missing characters in words, or not able to select a long sentence by dragging the pen across the screen, or perform drag and drop.
I didn’t have this problem with SP. I can type with the pen as fast as I can.
Is there anyway to increase V sensitivity with the pen?


Have you installed the new pen firmware released last week? That should help some.

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Ty for the suggestion. I’ve already installed the new pen firmware. It helps improve the pen, but still not to the level of SP yet. There is another thread about the pen, most users have similar experience and looking for another firmware update to fine tune the pen.

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