V Manual / Wiki?

I am waiting for my flashsale V.

Quite often I finde some information here which is really helpful for the use of the V.
For example here:


I am concerned, that all the useful information will be buried quickly in the forum.

Are there any plans for a manual/Wiki?

Would be great.


I also would prefer to see some of this useful reference data collected in a wiki, which I think will be easier to search…or organize.

A quickly search in the forum on 1 word “manual” gives this result :

And there is some thread attached

Good reading

Hi Giome,
this is exactly NOT what I was asking for.

If you really read it (did you? i did!), you will notice that there is lots of stuff missing.

-The ctrl.+alt+del thing from above.
-The explanation how to backup the calibration file
-Missing pictures (right in the first post)
-Missing text (right in the first post)
Just to name some.

I am technically informed and I am able to fund all the information. But to be honest, for a product like the V which will be used from some not technically informed people it is a nightmare to have to dig in a forum to find all stuff which they probably do not now what they are looking for :wink:

So at least a wiki - better a PDF - would be really helpful.

Best. F.


I’m agree with you and sorry, my bad… Last time I read this thread was few months ago…

I think the best way will be to complete this initial thread don’t you ? So perhaps provide here the missing suff with the link in the other thread and ask that they are added in the initial thread ?

@Helios what do you think about this can you manage it ?

That would be something - but not ideal.
I just do not want to read all this stuff which is written during discussing the thread. If I am looking for special things I want it clean and without the crowd joking around :wink:

Jokes in a forum are nice - but this is a different purpose I think.


Well, you are right but you don’t have to read all the thread but only the first post…

If you are looking for special things then “CTRL+F” will be much faster…

Thanks for the hint…
I still would prefer something else - but as we say “jedem Tierchen sein pläsierchen” :wink:
(everybody as he/she likes)