V m3 compared to i5/i7 versions

Hi guys, have been searching some benchmarks on the community but mostly it is i5 version benchmarks, would really enjoy seeing the real difference it’s comparing the m3 with the i5 version or even i7 version, if someone could get some comparative numbers would be really thankful!

Take a look at this thread: https://dough.community/t/v-prototype-testing-results/6071

Under “V specs and core performance” and “…would like to know how the CPU performance of the m3 model differ from the i5 and i7 models.

Edit: Whoops, seems like there isn’t a direct comparison on that topic… Let me see if I can find one…
Edit 2: Here:

I’d seen that topic before but found no comparison at all, thanks for the image but you know any GeekBench of the other 2 versions to compare?

  1. Watch other m3 y7 videos , asus and all , though they don’t have 8gig ram. 2. Watch Dave lee’s video where he plays ovrwatch on m3 on eve V .
  2. Without going into full tech detail , I can say that you can run light game on m3 , or on super low settings if it allows , and your non game/graphics intensive things will run just fine.

By @lifeblogv3: Default string Default string - Geekbench Browser
Note: Apparently not the default TDP, more information here

By @iKirin: Default string Default string - Geekbench Browser
Note: 7W TDP, read more here

By @zwehn: https://dough.community/t/zwehn-prototype-testing/5894/186
Note: This is the one from the last post, should be default TDP of 4.5W

By @larseisberg: Default string Default string - Geekbench Browser
Note: Probably also 4.5W TDP, and for some reason only 4GB ram. More information here.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a apples-to-apples 4.5W TDP test


The Link from zwehn is not correct = iKirin Link.

Copy and paste errors, fixed :slight_smile: