V - List to compare in detail

We’ve seen a lot of info pouring in from our Prototype testers lately, but not a lot of relative comparisons to other 2-in-1 devices. Which means, really, we are lacking comparisons to the V’s competition.

I have a V coming next month. Although I’ve owned many 2-in-one devices over the years, I’ve never owned a personal laptop - I’ve used many (various MacBooks, Dells, ASUS Zenbooks, etc) but not as a personal device.

I generally have a very close attention to detail with design flourishes. So, I wanted to compile a list of things to compare with my current device (an i5 Surface Pro 4) to my V (i5) when it arrives. Not just for me, but for others in the community to add to, use, and reference for their purchase decisions.

So, here’s some things, more to come!


Frequency response at volume “x” (esp. Bass response)
Peak volume (dB)
Subjective: ‘clarity’
Soundstage projection[/details]

[details=3.5mm Output]
Maximum volume (w/ impedence level, dB)
Noise floor (w/ impedence level)


Indoor, overhead fluorescent lighting
Indoor, diffused lighting
Outside, overcast
Outside, direct sunlight[/details]

Off-state colour match to bezel
Bezel-to-body transition
Visibility of touch panel
Visibility of components (camera, sensors)
Visibility of fingerprints[/details]


Body-to-antenna line transition
Colour-matching of antenna window
Visibility of fingerprints
Camera placement[/details]

[details=Ergonomics]Comfort of edges
----immediate feel
----over 5 minutes
Weight distribution (% in four areas)[/details]

USB-C vs USB-A feel
USB A/C, tightness of mechanism
Machining of ports
----precision of cut
----recession of port
MicroSD, tightness of mechanism
MicroSD, ease of insertion
MicroSD, ease of removal[/details]

##Accessories of Use

Ease of kickstand retrieval
Hinge force variance over full range
Min/max kickstand angles
Stiffness (esp. middle)[/details]

Keys, amount of play (esp. spacebar)
Tightness of fold-back
Magnet strength
----holding V closed
----attachment strength
----ease of aligning keyboard
Flex in keyboard frame
Key travel
Backlight brightness (@ different colours)
Trackpad, size
Trackpad, shape
Trackpad, smoothness
Trackpad, highest click-point
Trackpad, click-force
Trackpad, gesture reliability[/details]


Great idea! If you don’t mind I’ll make this a wiki post so anyone can add their ideas to the main post :wink:


@Team would be nice if you guys filled up some parameters such as measurements or other things that are objective (so other people don’t think the information could be biased) :slight_smile:


Here are some of my prototype experiences:

  • 3.5mm - the sound is quite good, it did just as good as my FiiO E17k, except this awful background noise. It has been fixed now, but with my prototype I couldn’t judge the clarity very well because of this. For symphonic works it sounded amazing. When listening to something more subtle, I couldn’t hear many details, but that’s because of the noise. As for the soundstage, I didn’t notice anything out of the norm - it depends on your headphones more than anything…
  • Display reflections - nothing spectacular here, I compared it with my Acer Iconia W700 and they both had the same amount of reflections. The difference is that Eve V has slightly brighter backlight so it can “beat the sun” :smile: It could be used in direct sunlight, but I think it would still be a painful experience.
  • Body ergonomics - holding it is really comfortable at first, but after a while the front edges started cutting into my hand pretty strongly. But my prototype was an early one and I think they made it smoother since then.
  • Weight distribution - due to a big battery, it’s about equal everywhere where the battery is sitting - that is, around 70% of the whole surface. The top part, where the motherboard is installed, is lighter.

Some users reported their flash drives don’t fit… To me it looked like the body matched the port itself pretty well, though…

I hope they fixed this one :smile:

type-A ports were tighter than usual and I liked that :slight_smile:

And finally, @fanoftech4life I don’t see how to add content to the post… Did you make it a wiki?

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Sorry only for replying now but to answer your question yes, I made the first post a wiki post :wink: you should go to the end of the post, click on the three dots and on the pencil to edit (at least it is how I do it) :wink:

Thanks, @fanoftech4life! I’m going to recommend that we don’t include non-final details (i.e. things changed from prototypes to final models) in the wiki post @pauliunas. It should be for a final comparison with final V and devices like the SP4.

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There is no pencil…

What do you think if the answers are made and then updated when new information arrives? We can now use prototype information and when people get the final Vs we can change the answers :wink: only thing we need to say is that these are atm not definitive answers

Try clicking on the edit button on the top right corner of the post (green one) and then click edit wiki to see if you can do that :wink:

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Nope, there is no edit option… I can only see the edit history… I think something’s still messed up with forum permissions, earlier today I visited a thread and all reply buttons were missing :sweat_smile:

There is, one can edit the post.


For me it’s still there :thinking:

I think it has to do with the group you are in; as Creator one cannot edit FAQ’s, as Senior Creator you can.

I guess new ranks haven’t yet changed the ‘rules’. As you have member trust level you don’t have access to editing wiki posts but as a creator you should already have that (even the rank below you - basic - should).

The only explanation is that the ranks are still to be fully implemented :wink: but don’t worry, if you get more active you’ll automatically get trust level regular and be able to edit wiki posts :wink:

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As said in the User Group thread, Basic users, Creators and all above that should have the ability to edit wiki posts. :wink:

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@Team can you clarify this?

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