V Keyboard scratches off anti-reflective coating

I’ve been travelling with the V for a while, only to discover that the anti-reflective coating has been scratched off the screen in a number of places. The marks correspond to where the keyboard would be when V is closed. It looks like that the keyboard is not recessed enough and so, when the V is closed in your bag, the edges of the keys rub against the screen and can scratch off the anti-reflective coating. The biggest scratch is caused by the ridge on the J key. The edges of the keys do feel quite sharp compared to other laptop keyboards I’ve used.

Perhaps it’s only an issue for my V. But just in case, I would recommend that V users use either a screen protector or keep a protective material between the keyboard and screen before closing the V.


Interesting discovery. Which keyboard did you get and what batch were you?

UK leyboard. HEB batch.

Good to know. If anyone else has seen this please note your batch and kB type.


I have the same issue HEB Scandinavian layout.
I have also been in contact with eve support and they have confirmed it being most probably dust inbetween the screen and the keyboard that are causing the issue.

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That’s interesting. On my V, I can’t believe it’s dust. The marks correspond to the corners or edges of the keys (or the ridge on the J). Also, I’ve never heard of dust scratching a screen (unless it’s something like sawdust!), and dust doesn’t tend to settle on the corners of things.

It looks like the top of the keys have not been properly chamfered. Because the keyboard is not physically attached, there is some movement between the keyboard and screen in the sleeve. So the combination of the sharp edges of the keys pushing against the screen with the slight movement causes the scratches.

I would imagine that if the V is placed loosely in a bag, it wouldn’t happen. But as soon as you have other things in the bag pushing against the sleeve, it could cause this. That’s why I wanted to raise this, to warn other V users.


That’s interesting - I had couple MS Surface tablets with keyboards and never had those “issues”. I’m working often in field in dusty conditions (geologist). I had - Pro1, Pro2, Pro3 and non-Pro3 without scratches.
Maybe coating on Vs is not that good …

Same issue, got the Scandinavian layout. Also a HEB. Told support about this, but they haven’t responded to it yet. I’ve had multiple issues since I received my V. Most notably a minor screen defect(beside the anti-reflective coating) and a keyboard that has issues connecting. The support ticket for this has taken forever. (Asked support about the screen defect in early January, and they just get “We’ll have to check internally how to solve this”)

It seems that the J and F key causes this as I too got markings at those spots as Phil pointed out.

buy a tempered glass screen protector.

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EVE was originally promising one as a perk … later they “changed” it to crappy plastic one …


This seems like a pretty troubling issue, can we get some input from @Team about what steps they will take to remedy this?

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FAKE NEWS. That was a misunderstanding: They said Glass Protector. A protector for the glass, not made of glass…


You can go back and check old discussions … it was a bit different.


Surely, I did. https://dough.community/t/record-breaking-eve-v-indiegogo-fire-fire-project-friday-flipper-fire-fire/3323?u=dibadibadu
This was the only and first mentioning of it. A glass protector film. Nowhere that it was made of tempered glass…


While I don’t have the issue of the keyboard scratching, the coating on my V have been rubbed of by my fingers, presumably. On two different areas there’s multiple spots that are noticeably brighter, more reflexive and a different feel. I hope this is an uncommon thing, and that we are unfortunate to have a faulty coating…

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Was this coating put on by Sharp or was it added by EVE?

That’s the grease of your skin. Just clean the keys with some damp cloth…

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Sharp just produced the screen. Not the glass and not the touch layer. These layers were bonded by the touch panel supplier. Maybe the coating too…

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Hahaha, I wish I was that dense to mistake a coating falling off for common grease!
But in case you were not trolling: no, it’s not the grease from my skin. These spots remain after a thorough wipe. And they are stationary, unlike fatty stains that move around as you swipe the screen.


I’ve seen the same “wear” issue on a friends low-end laptop - it looks like it would be really annoying. I haven’t seen it on my my 7yr old Dell Latitude laptop even though it’s been lugged everywhere.

What stops the keys from rubbing on the screen when they cover it?