V Keyboard Backlight Auto-Off Disable?

Hey Guys,

I was reading a bit through the V bug section and saw a bug of keyboard backlight switching off after 3 seconds. They fixed this to 30 seconds.

My question is, is it possible (by a setting) to keep the backlight constantly on? Or can this be implemented by an update to the keyboard´s firmware? @Konstantinos

It would be really annoying if i work at night and after 30 seconds cant see the keys anymore. In my opinion they should be on unless you SELECT them to be off…

What do the others think?


Keyboard backlight surprisingly sucks a lot of battery life, which is why its done that way in almost any laptops out there.


Yep I can understand this point, but when V is connected to power supply why should it switch it´s backlight off?

EDIT: Or why not giving user the choice if it switches off or not?


Although why would you need the backlight on all the time. Or are you going to use it only in dark environments

Well I often work at nights, have to do some research while working and in those cases the keyboard would constantly switch off, and as soon as I have get back to typing the keys arent illuminated anymore. So each time I start typing again I would have to press any key to switch on the keyboards backlight

EDIT: The mac has a setting for dimming the keyboard backlight based on environment brightness AND a setting for auto-switchoff after a time (which can be selected by user)

So this would be perfect if it was possible to still implement this…


probably because then you need an OS daemon watching for charge states of the V and overriding the keyboard firmware settings. While a rather simple request it complicates things quite a bit since it is not a native function for Win keyboards. Also remember that V keyboard is already perhaps the most complicated keyboard out there with wired/BT, multi colour, multi device, multi brightness, with rechargeable battery

On MBA/MBP keyboard is part of the device and tightly integrated OS vs on V keyboard is essentially a standalone device


Exactly because of this, I am a little disappointed, that it automatically switches off disregarding the preferences of the user.
Neither do I understand why we only have 2 (3) backlight levels (if i remind well)… Most modern backlit keyboards have many more brightness levels inbetween.

Then why not just add a setting to keyboards firmware that you can change with a little tool, so user can decide whether backlight automatically switches off or not… :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, why do you need multiple levels of brightness?

In my opinion, the lowest brightness is sufficient, as when the environment is bright enough to make the backlighting not visible, it is the very same environment where you can easily see the keys without the help of the backlight in the first place.


During the original design process the community had identified this to be the most optimal solution as it provides the best balance for most users in terms of backlight and power management. You can always activate the keyboard backlight by touching trackpad, and not pressing the keys (I do the same on my MBA)

Most modern laptops have one or even none. But realistically I just tried my MBA which has like 10 of them and there is so little difference that it seems more like a gimmick and having just dim-bright-off would be the same.[quote=“Marius_Hoppmann, post:7, topic:6863”]
Then why not just add a setting to keyboards firmware that you can change with a little tool, so user can decide whether backlight automatically switches off or not… :slight_smile:

But then how do we watch the power states of V from keyboard’s micro controller? And if we make it a hard selectable with buttons we might have people carelessly leaving it on and then complaining that they don’t get the promised battery life :joy:

Integrating keyboard backlighting as part of the native Win settings would be nice upgrade from MS and certainly make things less complicated for OEMs. Similar to what they’ve done with precision trackpads.


Just touch the trackpad and it comes back on… Just in case, @Prototypetester someone please confirm if this actually works.

I owned the SP3 and I liked to adjust keyboard brightness in multiple steps exactly for the current brightness of my environment. This is crucial to not feel eyestrain after a long time… But ok I will have to live with that.

Yeah maybe this is good enough, anyway I imagine it will be annoying when it is dark around you and each 30 seconds the backlight comes on and off while reading a long text.
E.g. scrolling to page (backlight on), reading more than 30 seconds, backlight off, scrolling to next page, backlight on…
I wish it could just stay on in dim…

Thanks anyway guys for clarification :slight_smile:

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But why would you need backlight at all then? Just disable it… Trackpad isn’t backlit anyway, so what’s the difference… When you’re typing, it makes the letters visible. So if you can’t touch-type it’s kinda useful. But when you’re just reading something and scrolling… In that case it’s nothing but annoying…


If you are just reading you wont need the Keyboard anyways. I tend to just have my hand on the right side of the screen when reading on the MS Surface.

But I would actually want to be able to configure various settings from the Keyboard at the V with an optional tool. Is that possible with a Firmware Upgrade of the Keyboard? Or is the microcontroller in the Keyboard locked and you need to disassemble it to access and modify firmware?

Actually often you are occasionally answering someone in Skype or WhatsApp so even if you’re reading the keyboard backlight will occasionally switch on. And i would prefer it always on just for have some ambient light around (below) the screen …

In my desktop pc the backlight is always enabled for my keyboard and I would like to keep it that way for V. So an optional Tool would be awesome.


Pure speculation: I think it should be possible to make the timeout adjustable. If the timeout is, say, 15 or 30 minutes, then it will be virtually always-on.


The question is if this is technically possible, since you will need to communicate from pc to keyboard and this is not what the keyboard needs to work right now. and the keyboard needs to store these settings but that should be the smaller problem.

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15 or 30 Minutes would be fine. I actually would prefer 15 Minutes so when you forget the V somewhere on the table that it saves some energy. But still the best would be to let the user decide on the current situation…


But I would like to have it depending on the battery if it is not possible to change settings on the keyboard via the PC.
For example if the Battery drops below 30% only 30sec Brightness and above 15min

But some people don’t want to drain their tablet’s battery all the time until it goes down to 30%. Some people want to have low consumption throughout their day so that they reach that 30% later…


I am talking about the Keyboard battery not the tablet battery.

But you are right it should be possible to configure it but what do we do if this is not possible?

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