V hours with my v

I’ve been using my V for about V hours now. I’m a dec 4 flash buyer, (you should have had the sale on Dec V btw).

In a hilarious metaphor, DHL, which on its own website said it stopped deliveries at 6pm shipped it to me an hour late, at 7.:rofl:

First impressions so far:

  1. The delay. Yeah. Yeah. Right. I was really worried that the feeling that I have about this would colour my impressions of the V But after 1/2 hour, honestly, I forgot. That’s history. It’s here, let’s move on.

  2. Opening it. No win 10 pro upgrade, lol. For now I don’t care. Otherwise, opeining it was great. Kind of green ink around the outer plastic package, but the actual box was lovely. Remember buying Dells etc back in the day, they just used to bung them in the box, really. Now its almost a fetish experience.

  3. Fear about it not working. I blame the forum for this :wink: (Not that people saying x doesn’;t work on their v is not valid. I do wonder how Eve are going to cope with this. My feeling (based on no data) is that most people who are happy will move on and leave the forum, which therefore will gravitate to negativity) . I was worried it’d be cracked, stuff not missing, would not boot, etc etc etc etc but it was fine. Nice weight, the keyboard actually looks OK, I probably will swap it for a mechanical one. I am going to use this really as a desktop. So, great, until I switched it on…

  4. First power on. Not great.

Even the most ardent fan boys on here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: would struggle to admit _this i_s a great user experience.

Still, 2 mins on the forum (from my 2015 mac pro) and its fixed. Got to say, though, I doubt apple would consider changing boot loader options something the user would enjoy doing after unboxing. No biggie, overall, but still, coupled with no win 10 pro code made me think :sweat_smile:. Probably read the forum too much

  1. M$ windoze (anti windows jokes copyright 1999). Oh god, why did I go back to windows. In a cheery voice cortana asks for all your data and then gives warnings when I toggle all the settings to no

  2. okwerein.gif

Overall, after v hours really like it. Moving my environments over from mac, I remember the days before cloud sync when this was a REAL pain, as it is, it’s only a drag.

Summary of stuff you’ve heard before anyway:

  • Keyboard is nice, some of the keys seem a bit wobbly, though. Can youu change the colour of the lights?
  • Screen is lovely
  • Seems nippy
  • USB seems fine, not really loose at all
  • Sound seems OK, windows sounds sound a bit distorted, but youtube is fine. Comprable to my mac, Use a bluetooth speaker anyway.
    Kind of dislike windows tablet mode, but that’s hardly eve’s fault. Can’t wait to put linux on it

So. So far, so good. So glad to be past that awful delay. Overall, igood. Keep the faith dec 4’ers.



Great to see and hear from a happy Dec 4 buyer.

Yeah I agree it’s not so cool to have a few software start up glitches on startup. I must say mine was absolutely seamless and smooth. And it hasn’t missed a beat since.
(Unlike my Toshiba Kira a while back. I still use and love that device every day. But in the first year I had lots of problems as well as 3 screen replacements.)

However as you pointed out is was the software and it seems that you’re quite impressed and happy with the hardware - which is the actual V part.

I hope you enjoy it as much as many others and I do.

I’m also FS 4th Dec buyer. Received V in 9th April. Anything is ok and good condition in delivery except miss out one add on USB c to HDMI adapter. Overall performance is good for me. Happy on no issues on my V so far.

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Hi bro,your order is?

#1412:slight_smile: ¹1111111111111

What spec and payment method?

M3. Payment with credit card

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Thanks. I’m also M3 and CC. But I’m V-less.

Kinda hard to work out on what basis orders have been fulfilled here. As chronologically I’m one of the earliest orders #12XX. My billing / shipping address are different though, if that’s a factor but I doubt it.

Maybe some locations are easier to ship to…

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This whole forum is data bruv.

BTW, I think we must be reading different forums. Nobody is as big a fanboy as you seem to think there are on here.




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I had the engraving too, without beeing HEB :wink:

Ooh Lukas won’t be happy to hear that.

Yep, Fn+V does it.
(20 chars)


Yes u can. I don’t know how. Something like fn and the V bottum. I am still waiting for mine V.

I have that fear too. So I am happy to read something positiv about the V.

Never used it before, but there is a Button to switch between Desktop and tablet Mode.

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I wrote him once, but got ignored.

I bet he was losing his tits in private. Classy guy, that Lukas.


dropped it! incredible scenes.:unamused::unamused:

screen cracked and touch screen broken. 100 % my fault.
had it about 14 hours, 8 of which I was asleep f

bad times. hey ho


Did you buy using a credit card? Some credit cards companies include accidental damage insurance for free for the first 60 days or so. I was fortunate to be able to use that when my little’un decided to do a drop test on a laptop I’d just bought (it failed!) Otherwise your household insurance might cover it.

Yep … EVE’s f*** up …

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Sorry, I somehow miss it. It was not intentional.