V- hands-on meetup 17.03.2018 in Freiburg/Germany -with special guest-

I’m offering my beloved V-ilma (i7 512GB) for a hands-on in the area of black Forest, Freiburg. A little meetup with some drinks in the evening and a little discussion about the V could be nice. Just write below or per pm if anybody wants to join.

Date: 17.03.2018 18.30 o’clock
Place: Schlappen https://www.schlappen.com/4

Special guest: Martin Geuss aka Dr.Windows


Too far for me, buddy. I’m in Berlin.
But I like the idea of eVies getting together personally!
Although I saw on the map that was created to show where we are located that I seem to be the only eVie in Berlin and 200 km around. Feels a bit like lost in space (which would explain why I still didn’t receive mine)…


Sounds interesting, but therefore I would need my LB V which is still not anywhere… :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, thanks for the replies, you manage to do it with just two. But my intention wasn’t to having another “where’s my V” complainers thread… So please stop spamming this thread. THX.

It seems impossible to have a new topic without these complaints these days… I HOPE ITS GETTING BETTER AFTER THEY GET A VISIT OF THE POSTMAN…


Wow, I was seriously interested until now…


Sound like a good idea…EVEn I live in Switzerland… Freiburg is not that far…

Have to check my Schedule but around middle of march…

:cry: this is my home but I live 9 timezone hours to the West … I would so much like to meet some of you …:persevere::disappointed_relieved:

(and get my hands on a real V before having mine <=== no this is not a complaint about deliveryblabla but about the distance… In June I will be near Freiburg but I wouldn’t need hands-on anymore cause I hope having my V by then… no complaint…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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No reason to not meetup then and compare V’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Freiburg is to far away for me, Dortmund, Dusseldorf or Koln should be doable though.

A little meetup in Freiburg sounds good for me too, but middle of march…? I still have to wait for my flash sale V… So maybe march 2019…:roll_eyes:

I think all of you saying “Sounds good, but I need mine first” don’t quite get what this post was all about. You don’t need to have your own V , the author is kind enough to let anyone see his V in order to talk about it, maybe erase some doubts or uncertainties or just to help shortening the waiting time.

This offering is especially for those who don’t have their V’s yet! And I think that’s a very kind offer really fitting the Eve Community Spirit! Thanks for that, I’m too sad that I just recently moved more to the north so I won’t be easily able to take part, but I hope you have a great Meetup and many happily waiting “Future V Owners” afterwards! :wink:


THX for this. You’re absolutely right. @JK2010 I would love to see another SC with his V at this meetup. Do you have an idea how to find some interested people??? It seems there are none in our area…


Hey dibadibadu, I am interested for a little meetup :slight_smile: I am located near Freiburg (Emmendingen).

I’m not that far either. We’ve already met in Ulm but maybe I’d make it again if you find some interested people. I’m actually headed to Freiburg this weekend and then going on for some snowboarding :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking about Saturday 17.03.2018 18.30 o’clock at the “Schlappen” Bar and Restaurant https://www.schlappen.com/

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I was there exactly 4 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Good choice, beer, food and a very nice floor in the gents bathroom. If this happens I recommend taking a bathroom break just to look at it :smiley:
I won’t be able to attend on that date since I’ll be hanging around in france but I’m not the intended audience for this meetup anyway :slight_smile:

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Proudly presenting a special guest for our V hands-on meetup in Freiburg: Mr. Martin Geuss, also known as Dr.Windows will join us this evening to check the V…

OFF TOPIC # 2 : I had been living in Emmendingen for … :thinking: 8 (70s) + 8 (80-90s) years !! say hi to that great town for me :wink:

@adt i will do that! It is a great city for life and also for work :slight_smile:

@dibadibadu nice to hear, I will join! See you on 17.03 in Schlappen :wink:

Someone from @Team will join?

I doubt I’ll be there - while I love representing Eve at a meetup again, I don’t think I can fit it in my schedule - 8 hours of transport is just a tad bit too much, especially now with my dear lady demanding time with me during the weekend :wink:
Will let you know if I can make it and bring my personal V with me :slight_smile: (Not the magic m3, the lady declared it hers and is now actively using it & testing all the latest SW versions with it :smiley: )