V for Vendetta - Remember remember the 5th of November

“Remember remember the fifth of November…”
Yesterday, I was watching the movie V for Vendetta.
At some point my son said to me “Dad, you’re a couple of days early watching this movie” and then it hit me:

  • EVE is the name of the supporting role in this movie
  • V is the name of the main character
  • In the movie V is determined to overthrow establishment and give power back to the people
  • Our EVE V is built from specs coming from the crowd
  • The V-logo has some resemblance to the logo used in the movie

So, Remember remember, will the webshop open on the 5th of November?
That would be quite fitting.
(I’m so sorry that I’m not as eloquent as “V”)


This is fantastic, I never thought of that connection but it makes so much sense!


Yay for November 5th! :grinning:

The Comic is even better than the Movie … see Other Eves and other Vs:


Next product release date? Eve has more experience now maybe next time the product release or official public announcement day could be intentional

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See this post from Helios…

Don’t forget that Anonymous takes after V with their hacking, and all of the V promotional videos look like they’re hacked. :wink:

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