V for DeliVery a game inspired by our waiting for V's

So guys in How to spend the time waiting for a V, to be precise @M_K, said that they want to see a mini-game about V’s delivering to have something to play while waiting. But since HEB’s almost all are delivered (I’m getting it too today) we’ll do that for LEB’s and guys that bought ones on a Flash Sale. This topic started thanks to @thedole asking it.

I decided to make it in Unity. What I thought I want to see there is a simple runner for Web Browsers, where Emdoor factory employees cram all V boxes to a truck and send it to 4PX. You’ll be driving a truck to a 4PX facility on a 3 lane highway, evading slow cars, construction sites, a police chases and so on. It would have more levels later for may be plane or box traveling through the facility conveyor system just to be locked for a week or two in a storage in Luton :stuck_out_tongue: or may be all other directions. So the player will be choosing his V’s destination and will play all through to his doorstep. :grin:


For now I did gather few free car assets, mocked up a road tile, wrote simple road generator with just that one road tile (will be expanded to have some complex road tiles with intersections may be, or it will remain linear with minor curvature) it adds road in either way if player is in range or destroys if it’s too far. No cars on a road yet. Not sure how it will be driven. should I use physics for cars or will I make them move straight forward without it. I’d like it to scatter some trash around if you hit something, but cars won’t have any forces to apply to dynamic objects then.

I don’t know how to work in team on Unity, so I have my project in disk.Yandex.com cloud for now. To share it I will need to remove one paid asset, that I was thinking to use. But I’ll need to use it separately if I’m sharing the project.

So guys. You can pith in and say what you thing of it. Worth it? How to do it in team if somebody knows Unity better than me? Or any suggestions.


Omg! I am so for it! This is awesome project! once its live we will put it somewhere in a visible spot :smiley:

Also if you’d like we can provide you with list of lame excuses we get (dhl bomb explosion, electricity, weather, etc) to make game more fun :smiley:


Don’t forget the broken pump.

Naah !! Thats too stupid nobody would believe that.


Great that you started this thread! :+1: As mentioned I have zero Unity experience so although I googled a little about Unity in a team setting my lack of experience makes it hard to evaluate the info…

I guess my most relevant skillset for this is that of a code :monkey:

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What if the game is a parody of Oregon Trail, but instead of going West the goal is to deliver the Vs?

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Awesome! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one come true! Big thanks to anyone willing to put in time and effort! If there is something you need, post it here and I (and maybe everyone else interested) will try to what I can to help out. I sadly just don’t have the time to really commit into the project.

Some ideas:

  1. We could set up a Game-Design- Document describing the core mechanics and maybe more, which could be put in a public spot so people can read it if interested and give feedback. This can, if done right also help programming, since the rules you need to code at written down somewhere and you “only” have to worry about how to do it, but not what… (I could never do this, I suck at coding :slight_smile: )

  2. Try to use the voting system if they seem fit to decide some features, since that’s the spirit of this community :wink:

  3. Later on, it might be fun to only let people with a not yet delivered order join the game. For example you get access to the game, by purchasing an Eve and the access ends with the actual delivery. And there could be some kind of score to gain, in the “limited time” you have until delivery, which you can compare to the score of everyone else still waiting. ^^

  4. The game could be combined with forum activity, rewarding partition in the forum a little, which might help introduce new buyers into the forum… Which could be a good thing?

Really sorry if I’m being crazy, just throwing out ideas! Please do treat them as what they are → ideas! If you like some of them go ahead, but other than that don’t feel bothered!

I’ll keep throwing in, whatever comes to mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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basically I thought about something very similiar to your description of the game when I got involved in the mentioned thread. I also have no experience in Unity. My plan was to realize it with Win2d or MonoGame but it seems I don’t have enough time left to start a real project.
What about a Github Repo where you could host your project? Maybe I find some time to help.

I will hopefully have some time left after christmas… And then hopefully code a litte game with my LB EVE V :slight_smile:

OK. I’ve looked at Unity Collaboration today. It’s free for a starter with 1Gb and max 3 guys for team size. It’s like usual GitHub, simplified as of what I’ve seen, but it is capable for big files. For now, all of what I’ve done it took just 3.5mb :slight_smile: Not much for now. I’ll do more tomorrow if I’ll met sms from Latvian Post service with pin-code to get my V out of their storage locker.

Ah… I once was even going to make a game about this campaign. But Eve messed up and I didn’t have a working V to do this project on it. That was my idea, to build a game on a V about V. But it all failed. I guess this game will never see it’s day. I was waiting for when V replacement will come to continue this project. But after 2 months I gave up. Sorry guys, but after these 1.5 years of excruciating wait for replacements and messaging between me and support, I won’t continue this. :confounded:

Do someone wants to see a screenshot of what I was doing? If I’ll be able to find sources. I hope it still is in Unity’s Collab thingie.

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Well, sure I guess. You’ll have better luck of it staying up on r/evev.