V for artists/designers

Well, I’m still waiting for my V…remaining LB…but I’d like to hear about your experience as an artist/designers with V, could be about screen sensitivity, the pen, CAD program you’re using or whatever related topics.

I’m thinking of the Adobe suite and Rhino to begin with, if you’re using these on V, how are they performing?

As well i’m waiting for mine. I’m excited to see what people have to say. Honestly what I want to do is buy the SP2017 Pen and use it on my SUPERIOR V… yet i’m not sure if we’ll be getting tilt support or refinement of the surface pen because I heard it was wonky

Tomorrow i will take mine…is on road …first off all i will load autocad 2018 3ds max 2018 inventor mep photoshop corel…i am exiting to wait untill tomorrow

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Been using Maya 2018 and Unreal Engine on the V daily with and without egpu. Without egpu, Maya runs smooth with a 2 million polygon model, showing the wireframe of a high poly count model will however make it lag a little bit. Same experience with the egpu. Unreal Engine runs okay without egpu, most of the time I had to put the graphics settings to low and freeze the scene so it doesn’t run in real-time. With the egpu I can pretty much run everything at ultra settings and do everything I want.

The only thing would be to avoid any CPU intensive workloads, you’ll just suffer. It’s just better to offset that kind of work to a desktop dedicated for this task


Cool, that’s nice to hear, cuz ive had computers with nice spec on paper, they just fail to deliver, now I’m confident that my i7 should be good for getting work done😊

Any issues with overheating/colours though? I’m really hoping the display will be awesome and well more or less accurate and sharp

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Yesterday I got my hands on the V i7.
Did upload w10 and drives.
Even for my weary jetlag filled eyes the screen is quite impressive, it is visibly better than the Surface 3 pro it will replace.


Comment from surfaceproartist:

The pen firmware is a mess. It frequently can’t keep up with quick strokes. Handwriting deteriorates over time. I haven’t published a review waiting to see if the devs can fix it.


After testing various drawing applications on V, I have to say the screen protector is ruining the experience, my screen was already all scratched up after a few hours.

  1. My workflow on V with the pen is taking triple the time I normally do with a mouse(drawing) , then again, photoshop is not optimised for tablets…

  2. I’ve been drawing non stop for a couple of days, when the file size reaches ~500MB(which is a tiny file for CG), the delay in brushstrokes was getting obvious, I suspect it also has something to do with the screen protector, will try different ones.

  3. Did anyone try V with the surface pen? I want to know if it has a significant improvement

I use the surface pen as I prefer the feel of it (and want to avoid the pen scratching my V). The only thing better is, that you can adjust the pen tip to your personal preferences. The problems with palm rejection and with fast little strokes getting crippled are the same.

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??? can you share a pic what you mean by that? That would be horrible, reminds me of my bad capacitive screen experience …:open_mouth::roll_eyes:. I really hope the V performs as well as the SP4, at least!
[I use the Bamboo Pen, prefer it over the SP pen…]