V experience and first impressions

Hello, just thought I’d pop my experience out there for reference, particularly for people looking to edit media on the device, it’s first impressions through to where I am now two days later.

I didn’t get the HEB engraving which is disappointing but I can have an accessory which I don’t need, a t-shirt that I don’t want or send it back to be engraved which will take time and not be the same as the other HEB units, I’ve asked for a photo of what the engraving will look like but this isn’t promising, I’ve paid the same if not more than most of the others so think at the least I should receive the same product.

The finish on the unit is great although when the keyboard is closed on the device it leaves definite stripes on the screen and isn’t particularly easy to open.

The keyboard is nice, good travel, and mostly good to type on however with my unit there are a number of issues, when I’m using the trackpad and have my wrists on the alcantara the mouse decides I’ve right clicked or something and goes into selection mode and/or is erratic jumping around the screen.

The other main issue I’ve had is that the unit freezes when left closed, I can’t shut windows and the trackpad is unresponsive, I get the multi touch spots lingering on screen as some have mentioned. It takes me restarting the unit to get back to a workable desktop which is disappointing and impractical.

Using Adobe lightroom doesn’t really work, there is a noticeable lag on the sliders with the pen and also but less with finger touch, the unit is just slow and works badly with Lightroom for professional use, definitely would advise to stay clear if for this purpose.

The screen is moderate, in comparison to basic screens it’s good but in comparison to good screens it’s average, there is a very noticeable colour shift when the viewing angle changes and the uniformity of the panel isn’t great with definite back light bleed. I suspect the colour shift may be down to the coating but I can’t be certain.

Speakers are distorted as reported

Battery is good but not outstanding, comparable to a surface book 1 it seems fairly similar not class leading which I thought the larger battery/weight would provide, I’ve not had the unit long but maybe the battery will improve somehow?

One thing that I find quite disappointing with the eve v apart from all of the above is just how long it takes to fully charge and also that I can’t really tell the charge of the keyboard/eve v individually

With all of the above I’d not recommend an i7 for the cost, for great components this unit feels sluggish but that could be down to my interfacing troubles with the keyboard/pen making everything feel delayed

The packaging is great when it arrives but for a premium product for me there needs to be a better out of box experience, I’ve just spent two days’ish cursing this damn thing so it’ll be returned to eve V for a refund as my patience has come to it’s end now

Hopefully people won’t see this as negative, I’ve tried to be objective and honest and I understand some folk will be happy.

I don’t see your post as negative as you see it yourself. To me, it seems you just picked the wrong device for the job. There is nothing bad with such a thing, it happens all the time. Defects can happen across any parts and any manufacturer and as long as support works things out, everything is fine.

I use Adobe Lightroom as well and for my workflow, it works flawlessly. There is a bit of lag, but it’s about the same as on my full fletched desktop PC. That said, I’m not using the current version but the ‘old’ Lightroom CC 2015 version. The newest one requests a much higher GPU performance that the simple Intel HD 615 can’t deliver.

Your scenario demonstrates, where todays tablets come to an end in real world applications when more and more applications depend on a real GPU for anything remotely graphic. Last week, I did some video editing on the go. It worked and it was important that I can do it on the go, but the user experience wasn’t nearly as good as when at home with two big screens and just more raw power. I can handle a slaggy UI if it gets me the results I need at that moment - and my V delivered the rendered video just in time.

It all comes down to what a device like the V is made for:

  1. long battery runtime
  2. high mobility, do things on the go
  3. good performance on day to day tasks

A tablet - and it doesn’t matter if you take a Microsoft Surface Pro or an Eve V - is never suitable to replace a regular desktop PC for all the graphic and processor intense stuff. Otherwise you should just ask, why does my PC need 20 times the electric power and why is it so big and loud? There is a suitable device for every task but not one device, that fits all, everything, anytime.

Coming back to your example use case: Did you really expect, a small tablet would replace everything you need for your professional photographic business to run? That’s a bit too much for any device out there - especially when comparing the price footprint.


The surface book copes with LR without the lag, I just expected the same from the V :slight_smile:

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It may be weird, but for me Illustrator 2018 cc has ~decent~ performance (a little bit of lag but that’s about it) when using the pen to do < stuff >.

Well the surface book has a quad core 15W processor and up to a gtx 1070 if I’m not mistaken.
Compare that to our 7W dual core and no dedicated graphics and wouldn’t expect the same :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gtx 1060 4gb*/ 1050 2gb

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I also have decent performance with Affinity Designer and with Affinity Photo. Both require a bit more CPU and RAM than their Adobe equivalents, but don’t depend that much on GPU power for UI. Tried Illustrator 2018 as well and performance wasn’t a thing.

The problem of the OP is missed expectations: If you expect a super great monster that is bigger and better in everything, even the smallest flaw has the size of the Mount Everest. Everything has it’s drawbacks and flaws - it’s just a matter of finding something that has the flaws in the right places…

Therefore, the Surface Book is a great device and will surely have the power to run Lightroom without any lags, but it comes at the cost of mobility, battery runtime and money. In the end, everyone has to evaluate, what’s more important to themselves.

Honestly guys, I’m not expecting a powerhouse, just something basically capable.

More than anything I’d say it’s the lag issue that causes the problem and that could be down to pen hardware interface.

I’m using smart previews. Not full fledged raws and my phone copes better than the eve with this. :frowning:

With how buggy this keyboard/pen is it must be screwing with my experience :frowning:

Well, certainly it screws something. I have the same device as you have (just with only 512GB SSD) and I have no problems with lag when applying effects by pen or touchpad in Lightroom - and I work with 24MP Canon RAW files. Either performance of the newer Lightroom versions dropped significantly (read about this somewhere else with Adobe telling people to just buy a new computer) or something with your settings is off…


I am using both classic and cc, extended cache in preferences, set to use smart previews and I’ve tried it with graphics acceleration on/off :frowning:

Confuses me that LR mobile is less laggy than this unit

I did not have much time to play with LR or other Adobe products on the V. But I opened LR twice with canon raw as well and I did not had the same problems or feeling about it. I will try to used it more thursday or Friday. (I’m a I7 1To)

I have this same issue on my SP4 and the non-Microsoft BT keyboard I bought for it.