V arrived :) Its awesome

Got my V two days ago and can safely say: Thank you! :slight_smile: Im glad I backed the project :=)

I grade it: 9/10 so far. Its not perfect. But its god damn awesome .) I am really impressed. I did expect delays and other quirks from a startup like this. But apart from the huge delay (it is…) I have a difficult time to find bad things to say about it - so, you are forgiven for the delay Eve Team.

Premium feel. Much better than my GFs Surface.

I like the keyboard and have no problems with the way the backlighting works - looks good when its dark. The keyboard works well detached as well. The trackpad is really good, even though is kinda small. Best I have tried on a non-Mac. I like typing on it the device - which is a relief - kinda important as I do that 8hrs a day.

Screen is awesome. Pen works fine. Love the USB charging and ports. Battery OK, lasts 6hrs perhaps using it with bright screen and normal stuff.

The fingerprint button is nice, actually works pretty well.

Overall this is better than I expected when I ordered it late 2016, even throughout the loooooong wait. It is a device I will use happily on a daily basis.

The sleeve I got for my V is good looking and has that very important carry strap for the Eve V Pen - which is very crucial for me, as the pen would get lost in two days without it :slight_smile:

One of the selling points originally for me was the sound amplifier. I havent had the opportunity to test it properly and tweek the sound setup - but im satisfied with my first go at it using my high-end headphones playing music through TIDAL on MASTER settings (if you use Spotify, try TIDAL with MAX sound settings, go back to Spotify and cry .)

Will update the “review” when I have some experience with the mic, wifi, bluetooth, sound and daily usage. You promised a good bluetooth setup, and solid WIFI. I will test that when able - this was also one of the big selling points for me. So far, it works as promised.

I have installed a fresh version of Windows 10 Enterprise, as I use it for work - no problems with any hardware on that note - just works.

Kickstand works really well. Solid feel.

No negative things? Hmm… No critical things yet.

Update1: Been watching some tv shows in bed, speakers are better than some of the other reviews have posted id say. For a small device like the Eve V, they create a detailed and good sound for TV watching. You can hear that theres more than one output source from the device, no problems here, no scratching or anything.

Update2: Still awesome :slight_smile: (15-01-2018) Been using the pen a little. Seems to be working fine. Havent used pen before, so have no reference. With the correct settings on (easy to find in Windows 10), I can have a part of my hand resting lightly on the screen while drawing or writing with it. Used it for screen sketching and taking notes.

Update 3: The fact that you can charge the Eve V through any of the two USB-C ports and that the charged received by default have a STANDARD USB-C charger with a 2m cable is pretty nice. How many times have you cursed because of a short charger cable? And because its standard - you can easily get your favorite charger length :slight_smile: Theres no visible charger light going on, which should make it to the Eve V 2.
The machine is pretty fast at everyday tasks, opens from closed to Windows login in a sec or so and the fingerprint login with Windows Hello still works like a charm - its the best login experience ive had on a Windows device so far. The fingerprint reader is working better than my reader on my OnePlus 3.

Update4 24-01-2018: Still awesome :slight_smile: My GF have noticed the sleeve and actually think its the best looking sleeve for at laptop she has seen. Thats kinda huge - normally she dislikes anything geeky/computer-ish I bring home.
Have read a couple posts about dust on the alcantara keyboard - I have absolute no problem with this. Battery indicator in Windows gave me a 9hr estimate the other day.
Been using the Eve V with and without keyboard and been using the pen and have had no issues so far.
The NO fan thing is awesome and has been using it on my lap in the bed without it getting too hot - thats a huge plus.


Congrats! Enjoy your V! :grin:

P.S.: Happy to see a V that isn’t affected much by backlight bleeding, I was starting to worry too much.

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I also don’t have any noticeable backlight bleeding on my V.


Good to hear! Thanks for sharing! I’m happy to hear you like the trackpad. I’m using a Mac and that has been one of the things I wonder about as I wait for mine.


The entire bottom of my V has backlight bleed. My SP4 has none. The bleed is the least of my.concerns after windows finishes it’s boot.

Glad to hear you are getting on well with the V, Don forget t do the survey as well once you’ve gathered your thoughts :slight_smile:


Tell me how you life the pen input! I think it’s okay, not that great right now since it gets really sloppy after a little bit of writing. I don’t think it’s a hardware problem, but rather software and I hope a future update improves the pen to becoming a legitimate full note taking utility.

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I just unboxed mine. Its so premium. But i didn’t receive my sleeve :frowning: I’ve sent a mail to support just now… waiting to hear from them.


Updated my post with a pen update - so far I think its working fine. Have not used pen before, so cannot compare it with previous experiences. But it seems to do the job :slight_smile:


Update4 24-01-2018: Still awesome :slight_smile: (see original post)


Enjoy your Eve V. Getting jealous by the day - still waiting for mine.

I did just received my own Indiegogo V i5 256GB storage 8GB RAM friday 16 february 2018
Totally satisfied about quality of product,

except 1 issue about login windows where wifi can’t be activated on first steps of windows login.


Congratulations, the wait is over, the V is great !
Just curious: Could you give some more details about the wifi start with Windows?

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Congratulations! Enjoy :3

I’m not sure is a Windows issue or WiFi driver issue could not activate WiFi on first initialisation of windows before logon to network, need to wait 1 hour instead activate immediately.
I did remember i had the same issue with Intel stick USB/HDMI win10 home but without any choice of activation.

Someone did had same issue or is a pure human error from my self ?

edit – I did a windows reset, this was my fault, human error with touchpad, with keyboard, no issue, wifi at first startup no issue logon, solved, perfect, amazing Eve V :slight_smile:

It’s just Windows being Windows.

Sooner or later Windows will tell you it can’t detect the proxy that you don’t have so it can’t connect to the Internet even though its connected to the WiFi.


Hi all, last Tuesday February 27th I received in Spain my LB i7 1TB. During these days I have been testing it and all I can say is… WOW!!!
My V works perfectly in every single tasks as I expected almost one year ago when I bet in this project. Moreover the design is awesome… What a beautiful beast you / we have created!
So I would like to thanks the @community, @Konstantinos, @Mike and all the people involved in this great project, you have fulfilled my IT needs completely… and with such beautiful gadget. THANKS! :smiley: