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Hey community,

Here is an update on the latest V status.

At the moment, we have all components readied in the assembly factory. Sadly, we missed the planned assembly line spot due to a delay in bonding cover glass with the touch panel. Typically, a new spot can be arranged for us quickly; however, the factory has overwhelming orders to produce because of the continual power cuts we discussed a while back. Nevertheless, we are informed by the factory that we will have the spot arranged soon, hopefully within a week or two.

Front camera module
Kickstand hinge
Rear housing
Pogo pin
Touch panel
Wifi antenna

Components in the factory warehouse.

We apologize for bringing this unfortunate news and will do our best to follow up with the factory to obtain the assembly spot as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unexpected delays.

The shipping estimate on our website will soon be updated accordingly.



1~2 week add?
and then assamble?
then QC…boxing…shipping?

is it really can start end of Nov?

or start Dec?

or… Jan of 2022?


Dear Team from EVE,

I really like the system of the company and I like to be part of this community and buying from you is surely taking loss in some customer service possibilities and I happily taking this on my shoulders for not buying from the big players. But to be honest, I need a certain time plan that is realistic, when my laptop will be in my hands. We don’t need the process steps we need the final date, when the laptops will leave the factory and we need a realistic forecast.

Thank you


To be sure they will know in 2 weeks how many week’s/months after that conversation when production will actually start. Suggest we get prepared for a delay to March/April barring other “unforeseen” roadblocks that will further delay delivery.


As I can see it from outside, eve is just a small company with no power to get these information from the suppliers and manufacturers. The new V already is the less delayed product of eve and I’m sure it will stay the less delayed product of eve. To get a realistic forecast from eve is very hard, because they always missed their forecasts, so they have to add 100% to the timelines to be fair. And nowadays with container ships stuck in canals, waiting for offboarding in harbours, countries closing their airports and cutting power for several days, a forecast was never so complicated. I’m a eve customer and a community member for quite some years now. Form my experience christmas delivery is failed. We have to have some luck not to get another problem with chinese new year 2022 which will lead to another 3week delay. So realistically I can see febrary/march 2022 delivery to your doorsteps coming…


yes and hopefully the Taiwan conflict doesn’t explode in this time… but thanks for the reply

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Extremely disappointing. What are the options to cancel an order?

I always assumed it would be done sometime next year. I was surprised at the speed it took to go from design to manufacturing and procuring everything. So even with this delay the project is going along really well, I think. I just want a quality product and good service in then end.


At least refunds until the units are “actually” shipped.

I’m being patient for now.

At work we have the reality of ordering tech products from major suppliers with better supply chains and they too have wait times that are many months long. (e.g. Docking stations from DELL ordered in September expected to arrive in January)

The only reason I’ll be cancelling is if I need a replacement device immediately and I can’t afford to wait any longer.

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Unfortunately this does not appear to be a supply chain issue. All components are available and shipping is by air so no cargo ship issues. The sole blockade is a failure to obtain a firm commitment to actually build the machines. Simply stated Eve got so focused on buying thousands of turkeys they forgot they had to be cooked and that was when they recognized they forgot to buy any ovens. This is what I call target fixation. That s when a pilot becomes so focused on hitting the target he was firing on he flys his aircraft into the target. And yes those events really happened. In this case, the focus was on obtaining parts and building fancy shipping boxes but forgetting assembly needed to be locked down. And yes we will wait and wait and wait hopefully we will eventually get what we order because there is no other alternative since we have all sent them $1500 or more dollars for that privileged. For some reason I trusted the lessons learned from Eve I and Spectrum would lead to performance improvement but alas not having learned from history Eve is doomed to repeat all the same failures over and over again. Doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.


Thanks for the update and the pictures. I am a bit amazed at how much plastic waste is used even in an industrial environment where hundreds of units are assembled.

Of course, I realise that this is the same with all other products and Eve probably can’t do much about it.


We better be manufacturing next week!

Thank you for the report, @Lore_Wonder .
Sympathy to the people who need V2021 soon. I also have been waiting for it, but my V2017 still runs good, and I am simply looking forward to having V2021 in my hand.
Of course the delay is not simply a sad news to both the team and the backers but sometimes difficult to be accepted as a business matter, but this is to some extend predictable when we consider previous experiences and the current situation of the world.
As far as I remember, this delay is much shorter than that of V2017 (for a certain part of the backers incl me, it was V2018) and the delay is not always caused by the error by the team.
Also, for the team, bad news is not simply sad but the matter of their lives. I am afraid just a few products do not pay their lives enough, do they?
We know the team do not try to be lazy. Let us hope V2021 in our hands as early as possible.
I also believe Eve grows bigger and the world situation gets better to allow V2025 (around it) w/o delay.
Good luck and a nice weekend to all.


I am curious what is the expected delivery time?
If my order cannot be delivered by the end of this year, I will most likely ask for a refund.

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Trying to decide if this breaks the camel’s back and I should just get a surface pro 8 on Monday or wait it out. What say ya’ll?

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This is very much a quandary that I must resolve, to op-out or stay the course. I understand that these are unusual times and circumstances but the future that we face does not appear to become less so. The less I have pended the less the level of anxiety I have to balance. Microsoft just shipped their Duo 2 and the packaging was barely adequate, but any delays were minimal. Perfection has a price, for the 1st Duo the packaging was excellent, but they paid a price for the delayed delivery.

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Now more than ever I feel that those of us who have been waiting for a year should get a refund on the shipping costs at the least. Patience is beginning to wear a bit thin.

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I requested a refund and asked the order not be cancelled until the credit was in my account. I got email saying payments would be refunded but it would take 20 business days to process and then got cancellation of my order. So if I don’t have credit by end of week I will file a dispute with AMEX and send them the copies of the email saying I would be refunded. No way it takes a month to process a CC refund. I don’t want to join the ranks of those who never got refund or the Eve 1.


Hi There @Lore_Wonder,

I guess by now you must know if that manufacturing spot is available. Would you be so kind as to share that information please?