V accompanying Monitor with at least 32'

I am searching for a good monitor with at least 32’ that should accompany my V. Is there any recommendation out there? I find it hard to see the specs and getting what might work an what not together with the V.
If I recall it correctly @dibadibadu suggest an HP Envy is there an good alternative?

PS Usage is for an office environment - no gaming, no artist/color precision requirements!

I’m using BENQ PD3200Q - now it is for CA$ 600 at amazon.ca


If color and reaction time is not a priority, consider 4K TVs. A 40" unit provides the same width and pixel density as a 34" ultrawide, while offering an extra vertical space to view long documents or tables. They’re relatively cheap compared to similarly sized monitors thanks to the competition. You’ll need to shell out an extra $20 for an active HDMI 2.0 adapter, however. It has to be 2.0, to be able to output 4K at 60 Hz. Also make sure that the TV supports HDMI 2.0. There’s a bit of setup involved, you need to enable “Game mode” or “PC mode” and disable as much post-processing features as possible to minimize input lag.

Check out this multitasking master.


That’s 40" 4K and costing less than $500 in total (excluding the V). I normally use it with my desktop PC, but sometimes it’s handy to use the V to save power when I don’t need heavy applications.