V (2021) Pen Concept

Pen concept for the new V. It has been upgraded to A.E.S. 2.0 technology which will give it more precision, better palm rejection, less jitter, and reduced ghost touches. It will have 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt detection which will be great for digital art, marking up documents, and taking notes. There is a button to switch between pen and eraser and a programmable button at the bottom to quick launch notes, take a photo, or anything you want.

V (2021) Pen Concept

  1. will the old nibs work with the new pen?
  2. will you have nibs in the accessories;
  3. and will there be different hard/softness
  4. AND will they be sold separately (so you don’t have to buy a set of 2 hard AND 2 medium AND 2 soft each time)?
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I like the pressure sensitivity and especially the tilt detection support.

But that seems like way too few shortcut options.
To work productively, I definitely want to be able to acces crtl-z, ctrl-c, crtl-v and crtl-x directly using the pen.

I currently have a Lenovo active pen 2 and Wacom Pen software which allows you to assign a menu with 8 shortcuts to one of the buttons.

Also I would prefer two programmable buttons near the tip.

Is that possible for the V Pen too?

A button on the back doesn’t seem very useful to me as it’s not a very ergonomic position.

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Update: Something like this? I added another button for right-clicking and made the button on the end the eraser for natural writing and drawing.

V (2021) Pen Concept 1.1


Will there be tilt recognition?
I think in the present pen there is none. Would be nice… :slightly_smiling_face:

why eraser at the end??? I often use it while holding the side eraser-button, how to erase precisely when you have to have some finger on the top?

Please put it on the side. I guess one could just use the programmable as eraser…

Yes, in addition to increased pressure sensitivity levels there will be tilt recognition which will make using the pen feel more like a regular pen or pencil.


I was imagining the eraser on the end to be used in the same way as Microsoft’s Surface Pen, in that you just flip it over and it automatically switches over to using the eraser tool and use it as you normally would with a regular pencil.


I hope this won’t be the case!!! :astonished: :flushed:

It’s only a concept, so there’s no guarantee the new pen will look like this. I always thought the Surface Pen was cool with the eraser, but if it not as great an idea in real life, I can always edit it and make it better.

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I would be more happy with an eraser button on the side where you don’t have to flip the pen every time you want to erase stuff. When you take notes, this saves a lot of time.


Hey @adt - just wanted to get back with you with an update.

  1. The old pen and current pen use differing technologies, and there will be no designed interoperability between the old and new pens and their respective counterpart Vs. The same holds true for nibs, as well. The only interoperable parts are the AAAA batteries.

(2,3,4) We’re currently evaluating each of these and will get back with the community.


another question: will the Bamboo pen from Wacom be compatible to use with the V2? It is with the V1…

Hey, @adt,

I’ve passed this one on to the team as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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Hey, @adt

After checking with our Product Manager @Rob, I’m happy to report back with an answer.

The V will work with any pen that supports the Wacom AES 2.0 protocol, regardless of manufacturer. Any pen you are looking at for the V 2021 must support that specific protocol, though, as Wacom uses multiple protocols across all of their own devices, so not every Wacom pen will automatically work with the V.



patiently waiting for 2, 3, 4… :slightly_smiling_face:

ok so, the bamboo I have says “AES” only, I guess 2.0 is new and it doesn’t have it, I guess (again)… so nuts, I have 2 Bamboos here…

There is a new Bamboo out which clearly says 1.0 AND 2.0 and it is rechargeable… Who wants an old Bamboo out there? :rofl:

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