Using the V - Day 1 Thoughts

EVE V – 5 hours in
It’s finally here. After a long wait, and then some more than unfortunate trouble, I am one of the lucky few who have so far received their HEB Vs. After just a few hours, I thought it would be a good time to look back at day one with the device (the i7 version), and see what I think about it, and also see how it compares to my current laptop, a 15” MacBook Pro.
I’ll keep it short
The Screen:
Even though the screen is slightly smaller than I personally like, especially since I use a large device, It is simply beautiful. More importantly, while I regularly used my MBP at 80-100% brightness, I have yet to set the V to anything above 25%, it’s just that bright and clear. In my opinion, though some will, no doubt, disagree, the panel we have now was well worth the wait, as I don’t think I have seen a display on any laptop or tablet that looked better. Touch works well, as expected, and there is no backlight bleed that is really noticeable on my unit.
5/5, and beats the MBP.

The Keyboard:
I’m still not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, the key travel is great, and the keys have a generally nice feel to them, but sometimes the edge of a key, when you hover over them while typing, can feel a bit sharp. Personally, I slightly prefer the old MacBook keys, though those are no longer being made, so I guess that would be an unhelpful comparison. The Backlight function is nice, though I don’t think I’ll be using it that much, especially in RGB mode. As for the debate about the V and Oops key, I was on the side that would have preferred classic buttons, but I really don’t see why anyone would fuss about it, and I doubt most people will notice or care particularly.
Overall, a very good keyboard, especially for a 1st Gen Device.

The Trackpad is fine. Being a long time Mac user, I still firmly believe that no other firm comes even remotely close to how apple trackpads feel. That might well be down to Windows vs. macOS, but the fact remains. The Trackpad on the V is small. Very small if you’re coming from a mac, and it takes a while to get used to. Personally, I miss the speed of being able to move around the desktop using the trackpad, but that might improve over time, as I get used to the small size.
3/5, MBP wins with a large margin.
The Bluetooth functionality of the keyboard is working flawlessly so far. Even though I was very sceptical when Mike announced the keyboard would be wireless too, I can now see his point. What I use it for right now is putting the V in a tablet stand in the upright position, so that I get a full page view, and I love writing like this. There is no really noticeable lag when using the keyboard I this mode, and I can only recommend that everyone at least try using it like this.

Pen Functionality:
Though I a no doubt a bad artist and have limited experience using pens on laptops, being able to annotate documents was one of the main things that attracted me to the V in the first place. I’m happy to say that if your main purpose is to use the pen for marking up, and highlighting, documents, you will not be disappointed. Similarly, if you use it to apply effects inn Photoshop or Lightroom, the pen performs very well, and shouldn’t leave much to be desired. In most applications, pen input is so lag free that I don’t find what little lag remains to be much of a disturbance.
I do have to note, though, that palm rejection is still hit-and-miss so far. While the pen works nicely when my hand is off the device, when I rest my palm, there are relatively frequent recognition problems, though this can no doubt be tweaked in future software patches.


That’s all I can really report after this first day of use!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts so early. It’s good to see the positivity almost all round, especially the display :heart_eyes: Thanks for the pic of the vertical V, it’s a different use case than I pictured, but can definitely see the value.

Did you get a sleeve by any chance? And if yes, can I trouble you to ask for a picture. Also, when you do have more than a few days of use with the V, do you think you could comment on the battery life? Thanks!


thanks to you. I need my palm-rejection to work.

there you go! V Sleeve as seen through the V rear Camera.


So you are a real “Wiesn Casanova”? Sorry I had to examine the picture closely! Thanks a lot for the Review. To be honest to me this is in a way more valuable than reviews from well known sources! I just love to read and hear real life evaluation regarding concrete use cases!

I’m looking forward to hearing more from you and anyone else receiving their V soon! This is really interesting!

Oh and thanks for sharing your idea for keyboard usage, I can already see how useful this will be, when working on documents on that smaller screen! So far I had only considered the detachable keyboard useful for working in Photoshop with the pen, while having the keyboard on the side for shortcuts :wink:

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Some pics of the zippered sleeve. I am too lazy to upload properly, so we will see how this goes…


Quick note about palm rejection: the way it works in Windows is that it disables touch when it detects the pen is hovering (when you see the dot on the screen), so youd have to have the pen approaching the screen before your palm does for it to work properly. This isn’t that much of a problem for devices with larger hover distance (e.g. Wacom EMR), but the pen tech used in V and SP has a short one.

Also, which MBP do you have exactly? Is it the Retina model? The one that charges via USB-C?


Just had a play and that’s exactly how it works on mine. The pen does need to be pretty close (but not touching) and then it rejects other touches effectively.


Thanks for the picture! The sleeve does indeed look great!

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Thanks for the quick review and the pics of the sleeve, @anon99772972!
I hadn’t even thought about using the tablet and keyboard in that orientation before, but it sounds so quick and easy now that the KB detaches and goes wireless on a whim.
If you have more time, would you mind giving us some more thoughts on different aspects, or test some other things people have mentioned in the forum?



What about the Loudspeakers ?

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Speakers are OK. Loud enough to be heard from next room with open door. The bass is flat but is there. Sound is little better than SP 4. The weight is almost same as surface, if I close my eyes I cant tell in which hand is V.
The screen is AMAZING…
The feel is premium … in every detail…


You need a separate thread sir:smiley:


i would also like to know what macbook pro you are comparing it to

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15" 2016 MBP, so the last one before the touchbar ones.


Just to add…V works with StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dual 4K Docking Station out of box. Bought it for £54 from Amazon during Black Friday
Streemed 4K youtube to my 4K TV


For my this is one and only bad thing in V. The sound is flat as hell, I thought this is because of drivers. Also on headphones there is no WOW effect, like for example in Axon 7, or (SORRY) Surface. I think dolby on surface works better (I have SP4 with m3 for my wife). I’m dissapointed in sound qualitty on speaker & headphones :frowning: Everything else is perfect!


Hmm that’s sad. It won’t bother me too much since I will mostly use the V for media consumption and calls, while using the mentioned Axon 7 for music. But still the V should have everything to deliver good sound at least from the headphone jack… Will be interested how others think about sound quality or if there is room for improvement over software.


As for the headphone jack the fix there is a matter of firmware tuning. We had to drop the max volume as it was way too powerful before.

As for the speakers it would be great if some of you would find perfect tuning and share it with us!

Once we go through this shipping tornado we will make a feature/bug list that we will use to work on to improve your V experiences!

I mean our job doesn’t stop after delivering Vs to you:)


I definitely don’t have perfect pitch, but I found that the Windows notification noises sounded flat, but music sounds fine.

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