Using the Headphone out for professional audio software (ASIO-Driver)

as I wrote elsewhere, I want to use the V with professional audio software (DAW).
Of course I own lots of professional interfaces (mostly RME). However it would be nice to have the chance to use the headphone out with a professional driver interface like ASIO.

Are there any plans to get such a driver?


I’m not a professional on this topic… But couldn’t you just install some free drivers like Asio4All? I did this on my desktop PC and it works fine.

You are right with this. I do that as well, but the playbackperformance of those drivers is miserable. And they run into trouble quite often if you use HD material (24/96)…

I’ll try it with my LB when I have it. I’ll use Samplitude Music Studio 17 (not 2017!). Magix provides it’s own ASIO Drivers. I’ll test them and ASIO4ALL. It seems you’re still thinking about whether to buy a V or not?
In any case I am sure there are good external USB Soundcards who are capable to deliver enough performance and quality. And because it’s a V you have enough ports to attach a soundcard :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input.

I already ordered a V.
The V will not be my main PC for audio work.
I use Magix as well - Sequoia. I know the Asio driver of them - it is…well…not really usable…

I know “everything” about sound cards - I have some - from 2 track up to 198 tracks…

So I know how to deal with it if I want proper audio. It would be just so nice to get a proper ASIO driver (which can deal with 24/96 material) for the sound card which is in your device. Especially if it has a quite good headphone amp…

Just my thoughts.

Sounds interesting :slight_smile: unfortunately I don’t have such an experience. I guess you bought your V during one of the last flash sales? We definitely could keep in contact and try out different things :slight_smile: And yes, the Magix Asio drivers are bulls*** :smiley:
I also hope the headphone amp will be great for high quality audio… we’ll see :slight_smile:

I will report back about usability for DAW use of the V when I get mine (flash sale 4th of December).

I have no use for this, i probably won’t ever have use for this.
Yet I’m kinda curious about your findings. I used to be a radio host so I have a bit of knowledge about audio. But it’s limited to say it gracefully.

I will use it a lot.
I am travelling a lot and have to edit my work. Of course for the critical things I WILL USE a real sound card with studio monitors etc. But for putting stuff together the headphone out (if done right) will be enough.

I have an issue with the micro out from the audio jack. Any ideas?