Using the Eve V as a student - abroad

Hey guys,

I had an account before, but never posted anything and was just reading in the forum mostly, but anyway it seems that it’s time to tell you about my experience. To get started you should know about me and for what I use the V. So here’s a little introduction to me:
My name is Christian, I’m 21 years old, and I’m living in northern Germany. I intended to use the V from the second semester on, but as you all know, it came a bit late. It at least came perfect for the semester I’m doing abroad. (I would have been fucked otherwise. I have no other laptop, and it would have been a big mess!) So the V is my only device, except for my smartphone, here abroad. I know that it’s a bit risky, but I was sure that the V is a useful device and I am still convinced that it is.
Before the V I had a cheap Lenovo laptop, which took ages to start Windows and which broke after three years. Next, to it, I am usually a heavy PC User. I got a pretty good PC at home, and I used to play games and do other intensive stuff on it before I went abroad.

I will go into the different parts of the V now:

The screen:
To be honest: It is one of the sharpest displays I have ever used. It is fuckin’ bright and overall pretty good. Nothing to worry about it as far as I used it. The touchscreen is pretty good too. I got no problems with it.

The screen protector:
It’s a big mess. It was all dirty, also on the outside. After I cleaned it, it has now Air bubbles under it, which are pretty annoying, but it’s still usable. I’m waiting for a better version until I order new ones.

The pen:
I didn’t really get into it. I’m not sure how I have to charge it, to use its features. I only used it to sign some documents and to try it out. And it already saved my ass. It’s hard for me, as I got no printer and no scanner here, I was really happy about it. It works really good. I’m surely not an artist and will never be with my skill, but for the usual stuff, it’s perfect.

The keyboard:
I love it. The Alcantara material (?) feels very nice. I got no idea why some people here are against it, but it has such a good feeling, that I don’t want to miss it anymore.
When writing in the lectures, it’s really good too. The “no-look” typing is working well. Also, the Bluetooth functionality is working great, without any delay for me. I dont have any problems with keys not working that good or anything like that. It’s really good.

The battery:
At first, I was disappointed with it. I was not sure if it can survive a whole day at university, but after some days it got better and better. I’m fine with the battery, I can survive a whole day of university without charging it, but I am using it on the darkest brightness. It could be better for sure, but it’s enough for writing and surfing the whole day.

The performance:
As I am using the V mostly for writing, surfing and watching series I got no problems with the i5/8Gb version. When editing/rendering pictures I have taken with my DSLR-camera it works well enough too.
I will see how the performance will workout when I come to the situation that I have to use all of the power. Maybe I will do some video-editing with it, but I can give you an update on that later!

The speakers:
To be honest: They are terrible. As a person who listens to music all the time I surely have high expectations, but they are bad. Like from every laptop or smartphone I have ever seen. Sure, you can watch one or another youtube video with it, but it’s not made for music. I’m using 95% of the times my external bluetooth box. As it was announced as a big feature im disappointed about them.

The problems:
Surely the USB-C port is annoying, as you have to put the loading cable really into it, as it is a bit lose, but that is just a small thing.
I also have a little personal problem with which you can maybe help:
At the second day of the university, I embarrassed myself in front of the whole class, as I dropped the V (which was just like three weeks old!) down from the table. They are very small, and I was not paying attention to that. Well, as it fell for 3 meters, it got a crack. Before that, I packed my laptop in a bag which was very stuffed. It seems like that the V got pressed between the other things and got another crack through that.
Both of them are in the upper part. At the first days, it was a huge mess as the touchscreen was getting clicks on it for the first days. After some days it got less, and now it’s completely okay. I just cant use 20% of the touchscreen.
@Team is there a way to get it fixed by you and how much will it be?

If you want to know about the other parts of the V, let me know. I will surely answer you. I haven’t used everything though.


Nice summary, sorry for the crack… Your pen has a standard AAAA battery inside. You can unscrew the rear part to replace the battery. It will hold at least 2 months. I use the pen daily for signing and other stuff and never replaced the battery since mid december…


Sounds good! I will take a look into it later!

Idk what @TEAM charges for replacing a screen… they probably will charge a arm and a leg just because its so hard th replace the sceen. The V is built like the MS SP…

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That is what im scaring the most.
And I bet that they have to send it to Asia to get it replaced. That would take pretty long.
I will do it at earliest in the summer, as I need the device until the end of the semester for sure.

Well sounds like a diy job

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Hiya @Delin!

As for fixing the touchscreen I think you should contact our support about this - however unlike @tld8102 said we won’t charge an arm and a leg. Either one should suffice :wink:

Jokes aside, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg - depending on what is damaged (just the glass/digitizer or also part of the screen) the cost will obviously vary. I can not give an estimate on it in terms of time or cost so please just ask our support about it! :slight_smile:


Alright, will do.
Let’s see what the support hast to say about that.
Maybe a single kidney is fine too!

completely OFF TOPIC

so … you are German and are now abroad (where? Just curious) or… you are something else :smiley: and studying in Germany right now?

…b/c this is not a language appropriate for a German to use in a foreign language :thinking:

Seems like it wasn’t 100% clear, sorry: I’m German and im stuying in Ireland, Cork.

Surely it is not appropriate, but I think that it’s still in an okayish manner.