Using Pen Input for an External Monitor

Wonder if anyone knows of a way to use pen input when a device such as the V or surface pro is plugged into an external monitor?

So you would be able to toggle between pen input being mapped to either the tablet screen or the external monitor. Wacom has features like this for the cintiq line. So when toggled to the external monitor, the tablet would function similarly to an intuos tablet.

The fact that this isn’t native is a major hole in Windows pen support. Maybe patents get in the way of it? As someone who can’t get by using a mouse as an input method it seems redundant to hook up a bamboo or intous tablet to a device with a perfectly functioning digitizer.

What input device do you plan on using when your V is attached to an external display?

I have no possibility to test this but this could be what you are looking for:

Sadly this is only a software solution and no hardware solution to transform the V to an actual drawing board for a PC

Not quite what the OP was looking for, I think.

If you want cursor control on an external display connected to the V, you’ll need an input device other than the display’s digitizer. There is still the trackpad on the V Wireless Keyboard, though!

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if you project your desktop on just the external monitor (disable the built in display) then i believe the pen input is mapped to the external display. I believe this is how my thinkpad yoga handled it, but my memory could be wrong…

This has been implemented on another N-Trig device, the VAIO Z Canvas, in VAIO Button Settings utility.

This allows you to use the Z Canvas like an Intuos tablet to map your pen input to the external monitor, so you can draw while viewing the larger display.

"Unique stylus mapping capabilities
The pen mapping function on the device is still available to use when mirroring on a large color monitor at home or in the office. The shortcut keys are also still available so you can enjoy continuity of work flow while using the stylus."