User country (reflect in account and posts)

It was brought up in the German keyboard layout thread and I see it as a big benefit:

And I see that as a very good idea. It would be very helpful to at first glance see where a user is coming from which could even lead to understanding on why a post was written in a certain way (not talking about biases or cliches here).

Thus I’d even go a step further and display a little flag next to the username for every post (or add a flag in one of the corners of the user profile picture displayed automatically based on the country put in the user account).

@Mike @Konstantinos @iKirin : is that something you could look into and incorporate it maybe with the next update? It would ask for the country upon user creation, all the existing ones could get a popup with their next login or so :slight_smile:


I personally think this is a great idea. But it should be optional. Not everyone wants that kind of information about them out, and we should respect that.
And I do think that you should also tag @iKirin, as he is responsible for these kinds of things, as far as I know.

If anyone doesn’t want us to know their country, they can just select any other country from the list :wink:

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Thanks. iKirin is added in the opening post.

The options could contain a “do not want to tell”… and of course that has to be accepted (as everyone acts/reacts differently when it comes to privacy and data security). The community could then design the flag for that non-country :wink:


@iKirin can we do that in terms of backend of the bbs software? :slight_smile:


@exialpho, @nawthor, @pauliunas, @Mike: We’ve got the “Location”-field already - if you fill it in then it shows whatever location you’re from. :wink:

In my case e.g: Austria :sunny:

@iKirin: I’m sorry I must have overlooked it… I added my location immediately.

But, would it make more sense to create sort of a list of countries for the location (I doubt people will note down states or cities) which could in return be used for a country flag on the picture or next to the name with every post? I see that the location shows clicking on the user name, but the other way it would even be a click less…

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This would be really cool. There’s a discussion on the Discourse site: