Use Spectrum monitor stand for other monitors

Hello Dough Community,
Have you also purchased your Monitor with a stand and now ur not using it for your Dough monitor?
Why not use the good constructed Dough Monitor stand on another Monitor with the vesa mount?

I have designed a mount exactly for that.
First I designed the mount in Sharp3d and printed it on a resin printer:

It fit perfectly the first try, but because plastic is not the strongest material.
I made one out of metal per hand.

Here are the Results:

For my purposes it’s enough, but you could use a thicker metal plate and some washers to make sure it doesn’t wobble or anything like that.

Here is a link to my design on thingiverse:

I hope this is some inspiration to use your Dough monitor stand if it’s laying around.
PS: Sorry for my broken English


Welcome the community :tada:

That is some creativity hahaha! Way to make use of everything! Really cool!

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing your design with the community!

Something to keep in mind when using the stand is the monitor’s weight, the strength of the plate itself, and the strength of the connections (stand <> plate <> monitor)

Remember that the stand is designed to hold the Spectrums’ size and weight. Using the stand with a bigger monitor may be a little unstable!

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