USB Type-C/thunderbolt by-the-spec questions/concerns


I know that you have thunderbolt and type-c in the V, and you also support power delivery.
My concern is that the implementation of the type-c connector may not be 100% according to the specification.
Please please please don’t get me wrong: i don’t want to bash anyone, but i have seen so many bad type-c equipment that most times i assume the worst.

Therefore i have a proposition for the eve team (@iKirin, you should know better who are the people interested in this and might want to tag them?): maybe try and contact either Nathan K. , or Benson Leung, which both do verifications (in their own free time though!) for usb type-c implementation correctness, and give them a sample of the tablet, the cable, and the charger before shipping this to anyone.

As i am waiting for the webstore to open, to get the i7 V, i would really be annoyed if there would be some incompatibility with the other type-c equipment that i possess, and i would also like you to not be required to exchange/repair tablets for this small overlook.

Why am i saying this: look please at the reviews from both of them (Nathan on g+ and Benson on amazon) and see how many CERTIFIED products are actually still missbehaving, and not following the spec.

Thank you for your time, have my money, and if there is anything i should clarify, please tell me.


Agreed, fast charging is the future.

It’s not necessarily about the fast charging: i am interested in actually having all the usb-related (port, controller, thunderbolt, cable, charger, anything-else?) follow the standard developed by the USB-IF, so that usb type-c capable devices can communicate without problems. (think macbook pro 2016-2017 and various devices which dont work properly because nobody followed/tested those specifications correctly)

For me as a future customer, the approval from either Nathan or Benson is actually more important than the actual certification done by the USB-IF.

There has been a number of times when the USB-IF has certified various equipment, which were actually malfunctioning, this is why i have created this post.

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here’s the fun thing about the MB Pro Thunderbolt issues - it’s not a hardware issue if I recall it correctly, but rather a firmware setting apple (in my mind deliberately) chose to lock out all hardware that’s not using the XX31 chip - which happened to be the latest one in all apple accessories while older ones used the XX30 chip (I don’t know the exact chip names unfortunately)


My Apple example is a bad one. You are correct about locking some older chipsets/controllers. What i am referring to is how many certified devices exist which have problems communicating with other also certified devices.

I am in my phone right now, so it’s a little uncomfortable to search for examples, but if i find one from Nathan, i will look it here.

If you want, you could also look at the g+ groups Nathan is part of, and see his reviews and critics.

As a quick example: here’s some info about the Nintendo switch, which also has questionable type c implementation:

What i want: use only the some charger, 2017 version to charge both my pixel phone, and my future V, and my gf 1+3.

This is only an example. Other people may use a different type c valid charger and cable (s)

Switch again:

The Switch Dock is likely doing the same as apple did with the TB accessories - only allowing their specific controller to power the dock.

As for the charger - I don’t have a meter to test, but the reference charger that we used with the V prototypes worked on my OP+2, my Switch and my V - and I don’t have much more USB-C devices at my house right now to test so :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that you don’t see the possible problems as being important, so here’s an actual example of usb if certified cable which is bad bad bad (to the Bone):

This is what i am trying to prevent/avoid.

Does this not seem like an important bug if it would happen to V (In the cases V <-> other cables/chargers), or to another of ones devices while using V’s cable/charger?

I honestly think that just asking them to check would not end up with a refusal :slight_smile:.

(I could also search for certified chargers falling in the same really bad category)

I know the case, I read up on the USB-C specification quite a while back when we started the project and read through pretty much all the cable reviews Benson posted until I think May/June 2016.

I’m not sure we have a V for those amazing people to ‘review’ the cables/chargers right away, but I think after the first waves of reviews are done we could 100% send one to one of them for checking out :smiley:

Please please please please pretty please :d

You want to charge 2 of your 3 girlfriends with USB-C? :thinking:

PS: Why can I only think about dirty jokes from here on? :rofl:
PS2: Please don’t answer that…


Ya know what? I didn’t think of trying to charge them, but that would be the first thing in the Todo list for Tuesday :stuck_out_tongue:

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don’t forget to check all connections


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Thank you for cleaning this post!

I will remind you about this in November, after V starts shipping.

Here is the important part from the last post which was moved:

Here is a list of some: Nathan C. suggested peripherals (not made by me but by the actual persons who i want to also test the V).