USB Monitor Dropping Out (Asus MB169B+)

I purchased an Asus USB 3.0 Monitor and it will not play nice with the Eve.
It used to work fine with my Razer Blade Stealth or Lenovo laptops but with the Eve, it recognizes the device and than drops out and that cycle continues.

I even bought a USB C to USB 3.0 cable to power it from the Eve’s USB-C port but the monitor continues to dropout. I have installed all the drivers for Windows 10.

Anyone have any suggestions here? I know that USB C cable has to produce enough power to get this thing going.


I would recommend you try connecting the power input of the monitor to a different PC (with the normal input connected to the V) just to rule out whether it’s because the V is not supplying enough power. It that works, then the V is not delivering enough power. If it doesn’t work, then it could be a driver issue.

Did you tried to connect to the TB3 (the lower USB-C) port of the V?

Please have look at FAQ section on Asus webpage:

How do I get the Asus USB Monitor (MB168B/+)/(MB169B/+) to work on a Microsoft Surface?
Due to the hardware limitation of Microsoft Surface, the power being supplied to the USB3.0 port is too low.
Purchase a USB3.0 Micro-B to USB3.0 Type-A Y cable


  1. Connect the Micro-B side to the USB monitor
  2. Connect 1 of the 2 Type-A to the Microsoft Surface USB port
  3. Connect the other Type-A to the USB port on the official Microsoft power adapter

The low power delivery rate seems to be the culprit - at least on Surface Pro.
So I suspect the same applies to the V.

Please note that the supply voltage is 5 volts (so you cannot use the V charger).

Alternative cause for your problem is the differing resolutions. Have a look at that too on the FAQ section.

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That’s so sad.
There is no way this cable is long enough for both USB’s to be connected.
This seems like such a cop out thought, why are these USB ports so low on power?

You’re telling me that even the USB-C/Thunderbolt port can’t make this happen?
Its 2018, I was able to use that monitor with a laptop from 2014 without issue.

I have two of these working with my Surface Book, and they work on my V perfectly. But yes, sometimes they would need some time to turn on as well. I often had to unplug and plug and just hoped it would work.

can you tell me which cable you are running them from?
and what driver settings you have?
My V will recognize and than drop out in a repetitive cycle

hahaha i had the same thought when i recently saw one of those dual-usb-for-extra-power cables. yeah… that ain’t gonna work. derp.

on the bright side, if you do get it to work your V will look like its rocking out to some tunes like in an ipod ad. cool af.

a.k.a. troubleshooting computar 101. :+1:

btw, i had this same issue previously with another computer. what was happening was that there would be a split second interruption in the connection, then the computer would go “OOP SWITCH BACK TO PRIMARY MONITOR” and when the connection resumed the computer would go “OOH NEW MONITOR SWITCH TO THAT” and it would keep doing that like an idiot until at some point it would go “D’OH” and figure out what was happening.

tl;dr: computer prolly needs to calm tits. And i suspect my computer used to be homer simpson

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Further information is here:
You can buy USB-A extension leads very cheaply, so that it does become long enough to connect either to a USB-A charger or the 2nd USB-A port.

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Just the stock cable and DisplayLink drivers.

Hey guys,

I‘m waiting for my EVE to arrive and would like to get also the Asus Zenscreens, but there are now several different models out where I don‘t which one works best? e.g. there is a usb-c version now also (Asus MB16AC)

What would you recommend - also for using them with a recent Macbook or MBP?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

I appreciate it!!!


PS: TechWeirdo seems to have an awesome setup with even 2 portable displays:

It is amazing since everywhere I go to would have a power outlet, I can charge my laptop while using the screens for multitasking and working with other people, so we don’t have to cram ourselves together to see my screen.

Also great when I am editing videos and working with a lot windows (I have too many safari / firefox tabs open when writing reports and working on projects)

Too bad Le Slide by Slide n’ Joy isn’t shipping anytime soon (looks like a scam by now) or else I would buy that and throw my USB monitors out the window. But for now I think I am ready to sell my current ones off for the ASUS MB16AC, which provides USB-C DP alt mode to eliminate the need for displaylink drivers and USB-C.