USB Hub - port stopped working on one source only

I have two computers connected to my Spectrum. Both are connected via HDMI. One is connected to the USB hub via USB-B, and the other via USB-C. I then have a keyboard and several other USB devices plugged into the Spectrum.

Yesterday, the side USB-C port stopped working when the hub source is set to USB-B. The other USB devices still work, and the USB-C port works fine when the hub source is set to USB-C. I have tried power cycling the Spectrum as well as the affected computer.

The only thing I can think of that may have triggered this is I swapped out the HDMI cable for the computer using the USB-B hub source connection right before the port stopped working. Given the following, I believe the issue is with the Spectrum:

  1. Side USB-C port works fine when hub source is set to USB-C
  2. Other USB devices connected to Spectrum work when hub source is set to USB-B

The above two would seem to rule out any cable issues. Notably, the side USB-C port does briefly provide power to the connected device when source is set to USB-B (lights on device flash), however it then quickly disconnects.

Working again after I unplugged the USB-B cable from the Spectrum, power cycled it, then plugged the cable back in.

Hi @Epos7,

Iā€™m glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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