USB Hub No Power When Off

I have noticed that the USB Hub provides no power to devices when the monitor is turned off and also the PC connected via USB Type-B is also off.

USB Hub is set to Always On. Power is available to USB devices if I turn off the monitor but the PC is still on or if the monitor is on put PC is off. Turn off both monitor and PC and you have no power to USB devices.

This means you can’t charge any devices from the monitor such as maybe an iPhone or Apple Watch. I’d prefer to plug in and charge the devices from the monitors overnight rather than using extra plugs for charger blocks.


It’s expected that there’s no power to USB devices when the screen is turned off via the button on the back.

The Always On setting is supposed to control what happens to the USB hub when the monitor goes into standby mode. It’s a bit glitchy at the moment, so hopefully the USB hub fixes in the upcoming 106 firmware sort things out.


In addition to NZGeek’s response, we’re currently testing (well, we’ve finished testing) the USB automatically select feature, and it now works as it should have all along.

I’ve never thought about charging while off, although I have at least one laptop that has that same setting, allowing it to charge even when powered off. The test build I have may actually support that feature, but since I don’t actually charge from that cable (neither device I use will charge over USB) I haven’t tried testing it. Maybe I can connect my phone and see if it charges. I’ll give it a shot and see.


On page 30 of the user manual. “When set to ‘Always On’, devices connected to the downstream USB ports of Spectrum will be available to the host device, even when Spectrum is turned off

It’s not a big problem because I can leave the monitors on standby and have the host device off and devices like my phone will charge. Just thought it was strange you could have the monitors off and the host device on and power USB devices just not when the monitor is off and the host device is off. It also, for me anyway, makes the ‘Always On’ setting of the USB hub almost pointless. If devices won’t charge when the monitor is off and the host device is off. I will always have the monitor on to connect my phone to my PC, or on standby with the PC off to continue charging my phone and the ‘Turn off with monitor’ setting works for that. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve asked our Product Manager Rob (@Helios) for verification if this is expected behavior or not.