USB Hub Discussion


Is it possible you provide us an insight or a dedicated threads for the current limitations of the USB-hub / KVM switch?
One of the main reason I getting this monitor is the KVM switch and the USB-C (PD charging together with DP ALT mode).

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

On top of my head, there is a discussion here: Feature request: usb hub selection per input - Development / Project: Spectrum | Development - Dough Community

The current limitation is the fact that the HUB resets after waking up from standby as can be seen here. Depending on how your setup is, it might not affect your daily use case.

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Compilation of Current Known Issue

  1. Display “Idle to On” transition resets USB Hub
  2. Firmware 107 Bug Report: USB Hub Restart Changing Sources

Compilation of Threads regarding KVM

  1. Spectrum KVM Solutions (DDC/CI)
  2. Feature request: usb hub selection per input
  3. KVM Switch option

Please could someone let me know the power output of the USB-A ports? I’d like to use a lightbar from BenQ but it requires 5V at 1.5A minimum; and I am not sure if the monitor ports are capable of this.

The power output for the Type A port is up to 5V / 2A (10W).

You can find a full spec and feature list here.